Me Likey Monday 09/22/14

What I’m eating, listening to, laughing at, sweating through and loving on this week’s Me Likey Monday.

I realize it’s been a few days (77) since our last MLM, but who’s counting?

I could give you a slew of reason as to why I haven’t posted or where I’ve been or what I’ve been doing or who I was with, but I also realize that you don’t care. You just want the good stuff. So here it is and you are welcome.

1. Be true to the tatas: I stumbled across an article on Fast Company Design about True&Co., a company that is turning the incredibly annoying task of finding a bra that fits into something kinda fun. Believe it. By taking a pretty interesting quiz (“Are your breasts more than 3 fingers apart” and “Is one cup fuller than the other?”), you are matched with sizes, brands and types of bras that are perfect for your body type- and you can do “at-home try-ons” for no obligation. I ordered three and am keeping them all. Click here to take the quiz and check out their adorable lingerie and PJs – and get $15 off!

2. Meg(h)an’s are awesome: I’m obsessed with Meghan Trainor right now. Not only is her music super catchy, but if Dolly Parton, Eve and Olivia Newton-John had a baby, that would be her voice. I am not wrong. The best part, though, is how positive and self-loving her lyrics are. Get ‘em, girl.

YouTube Preview Image

3. More like MOlenta: In the past two weeks, I have made TWO Vegetable Polenta Lasagnas. It’s THAT good. Polenta (creamy, golden cornmeal) is very versitile and can be used in place of pasta, potatoes or breads. I buy a tube of it at Trader Joe’s, slice and layer up the pan. It’s so good. Stay tuned this week for the recipe.


4. Shock me shock me shock me: Have you ever worked out soon hard you puked? I’ve come close only twice – both times while doing Shockwave. Have you not heard off this? It is an extreme “circuit challenge that utilizes a WaterRower machine to provide short-burst, high-intensity, calorie-torching intervals along with strength and sculpting stations designed to target and chisel the legs, core and arms.” Basically it’s a group fitness class that makes you work as a team – the harder you work, the shorter the intervals. If you are draggin’ butt, your teammates will hate you. SO MOVE IT!!! Seriously, though. It sucks. It’s awesome.

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5. This just in – Koala Bear hugged: I don’t watch the news because it makes me mad at everyone and everything. Except for when it’s Jimmy’s Fallon’s version of good news and good news. This guy is the best. I mean, muffins ARE delicious!!!

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6. October, baby: WE”RE IN!!! The St. Louis Cardinals have clinched a postseason berth for the 4th consecutive season! What’s a berth, you ask? I’ll tell ya: It means that even if the Cards lose all remaining games (which they won’t because they are awesome), they are in the playoffs. Now they still need to win a few in order to clinch the NL Central division title – but at the least, they have secured a wild card spot. Did you just yawn? Mkay, it’s fine.


What was your favorite meal this week?

What was your hardest workout EVER?