Me Likey Monday 4/14/14

What I’m eating, listening to, laughing at, sweating through and loving on this week’s Me Likey Monday.


1. Cause I’m happy: Dear, sweet Katie moved to Denver this week, so naturally RUNch sent her off in style by dancing to Pharrell’s “Happy” instead of crying our eyes out. Yep. We woke up at 5AM to post signs all along the Trolley Trail, then surprised Ms. K (and the entire Brookside ‘hood) by having a dance party at mile 2. That’s how we roll [I have zero idea why there's no audio to my little film. This is clearly not my day job].


2. I frowed up: RUNch Rocked the Parkway!! All my ladies killed the Half Marathon on Saturday! It was freakishly humid, with a 66* starting line temp. For those of you NOT trapped under the Southern California rock, that’s oddly warm. People were dropping like flies on the sidelines, but I kept my cool and PR’d! I also almost peed my pants and may or may not have thrown up in my mouth to make that happen. But it happened. So there’s that.

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3. Perfect pants: See my pants up there ^. See ‘em??? They’re my new favorite. My buddies at Lululemon invited me to a Fit Session on Thursday to help me find the perfect outfit for race day. They asked what I look for / need in gear, then fitted me accordingly. I came away with these brand-spanking-new crops (and a tank). (and a jacket). I was worried that the behind-the-knee length would chafe, but they fit perfectly. The higher waist stayed put, zip pocket held my Gu and breathable fabric kept me from getting some major swass on the warm day. Thanks, Lulu!!


4. My cheerleaders: Enough about me and running already, gawd! I had a little visit from Lil Kathy and Em Em Dub this weekend? I’m not sure why I just typed that as a question. They are the cutest, and wore matching shirts to cheer me on for the half. There I go again with the running. Dang it. We joined RUNch for brunch after the race because, obviously.

rtp-mom-dad5. Perspective: I started this painting three weeks ago, and have been adding things day by day. I considered it unfinished but the more I stared at it, the more I realized it may just be complete. My friend Rachel said, “It’s perfect. Don’t touch a thing.” Which I wasn’t planning on doing. Then Lil Kathy walked in Friday, flipped it around and said, “NOW it’s done. You’re growing, not bleeding.” #preach


6. Windy city: My team is visiting various businesses and landmarks for research and inspirational purposes this week, and we had the pleasure of spending time at the National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial. It was a gorgeous day, and since I arrived early I sprawled out on the lawn to admire the view. Then Brian and I headed up to the Observation Tower where we got tossed around like a dollars in a money booth. It was intense and we are lucky to be alive. Don’t be mistaken – those are faces of terror.


7. I traveled through light: During my favorite yoga class, the same song kept playing during savasana – the time for complete relaxation. The music and lyrics – even though I didn’t know the meaning – took me into this emotional, free, calming state I’d never been before. This week I asked my teacher for the song, and I looked up the lyrics. Spoken in the hopelandic language sigur rós uses, the words are derived from a little known ancient language, essil. I love the song even more.

Essil on (I traveled through light)
Essil on erifet al (I travelled through light; I am not afraid)
Essil on
Essil on eriftel al
Essil on


What made you “happy” this week?

How has someone/thing changed your perspective recently?