Total Body Boredom Breaker Workout

Soooooo. I’m bored. With my workouts, that is.

Monday: Yoga

Tuesday: Run

Wednesday: Swim

Thursday: Run

Friday: Sleep

Saturday: Run / bike

Sunday: Swim / bike

Repeat. Every. Week. Of. My. Like.

Twoish years ago, you may remember that I loved Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp. Every week, my entire body was challenged with new exercises that kept my muscles and my interest guessing. I took her bootcamp for a year straight, and followed it religiously. And then I got a new job with a gym downstairs, so naturally I stopped lifting weights. Makes total sense.

Well. Tina isn’t doing bootcamp anymore, so I decided to mush my favorites from her workouts into one thick, juicy pancake of sweaty awesomeness.


Behold, the Total Body Boredom Breaker.

It’s a full body workout that has you on the mat, across the floor, up, down and all around. There are some exercises with weights. There are some without weights.  It’s hard, but it feels so so good. TWSS.

Pin it. I dare you.


And when you’re done killing it in front of the mirror, do The Ritalin Run on the treadmill. AHHH! You are a beast!

What about your life is boring you right now?

Are you envious of my photoshopping skillz? I mean, it’s like that is REALLY a pancake of sweaty awesomeness in my hand.


Links to the exercises:
Elbow plank
Plank with arm/leg lift
Bench dips
Touchdown squat to shoulder press
Squat with wood chop
Walking lunge with bicep curl
Jumping jacks with overhead press
Step-up (can use lower height for this # of reps)
Kettlebell halo (OMG there is two of them???)