5 reasons to love group fitness

It’s almost February, lovebirds! In honor of cupid’s arrow, I want to share something I love. Hint: it isn’t Valentine’s Day. It’s group fitness classes! There are so many benefits to group exercise, and ima share a few!

5 reasons to love group fitness

1. Where you at?: Group fitness creates accountability and community – whether in a gym, running group or a regular meet up with a friend. It creates healthy competition, motivates you to show up, or gives support to keep pushing on a day you are feeling tired. When my alarm goes of at 5:40 am, you can bet your face I’d hit snooze if I didn’t know friends were expecting to see me in class.

2. No thinking required: How many times have you wandered around awkwardly at the gym or picked up a weight in the living room and thought, “Now what am I supposed to do?” Group exercise classes are taught by certified fitness instructors that tell you what to do safely. It’s amazing – you show up and just do what the teacher says. No brain power is needed, and after a long day sometimes I just want to be told what to do.3. Get swole: Left to my own devices I’ll do three reps instead of four, avoid all of the burpees and not run up that hill. But if an instructor is forcing me to do hard work or a friend is by my side, hard work I will do. Instructors help you made adjustments or modifications so you can do those hard things safely and effectively, and friends won’t let you stand at the bottom.

4. Learning is fun: Group classes are a great way to try new things! I will never be a profesh ballerina – I’m as flexible as a flagpole. But I love taking Barre classes because they work muscles I forgot I had, improve my posture and make me feel fancy. And if you are new to fitness or intimidated by working out – first of all, you are not alone -classes are a safe place to learn, ask questions and gain confidence. When I walk into the gym now to do a solo workout, I always pull from moves I learned in class. Knowledge is power, people.

5. Laugh the stress away: A 90’s-themed spin class. Zumba. Splitting my pants while attempting crow pose – true story. Getting lost on a trail run. Never have I laughed so hard working out than with others. Nobody knows what we are doing, really. But when we do it together, we’re in it together.

New year, new you (did you just roll your eyes? Me too.)! Try something fresh like kickboxing, Pilates, TRX or strength-training. Or, grab a few of your buds and hit the road on your bikes. You never know, you just may fall in love! With your health, not the online date that will inevitably ghost you. But that’s a different post.

What is your favorite group fitness class or activity?

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you while working out?

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