about me.

Hi, my name is Megan and I tell stories. I am a writer and creative director with over 15 years of experience in advertising, film and television. I have interviewed professional athletes and cancer survivors, mapped out marketing strategies with CEOs, authored taglines for your favorite brands, directed talent and reality show stars behind the camera, and played with award-winning directors as a proud, card-carrying member of the Screen Actors Guild.

But none of that is how Fiterature started.

Fiterature began in 2011 as a place to share what I’ve learned about health and fitness, community and nutrition throughout my journey to live a “fit” life. Through incredibly supportive readers, Fiterature became so much more than I could ever imagine. It was not just a blog, it was my oxygen – especially during an unexpectedly suffocating time of heartbreak and loss.

{Mi familia}

And now here we are – 2017. After a two year halftime show (there are a LOT of sports analogies on this blog, fair warning), Fiterature is back. We’re different, that’s for sure. I am learning that living a “fit” life is so much more than working out and eating well. It’s talking to each other about the hard things like mental health, addiction, infertility, injustice and divorce. It’s also sharing the joyful things like music, peanut butter, the perfect gif, a good book, Home Alone quotes and how we made the day brighter for others.

There is no place for shame here, if I hurt someone I love or split my LuLu’s in the front row of a yoga class (true story). Fiterature is about being bold in our beliefs and knowing we are more than enough exactly as we are to family and friends, coworkers and our crazy attractive dermatologist that checks aaaaaaaall of the places.

And, maybe most importantly, Fiterature is about laughing hard and loving others harder.

{M’ladies. I was looking for someone to run with, and found someones I can’t live without}

It’s good to be back. I missed your face.

7 thoughts on “about me.

  1. So proud of you Girlfriend!!

    You are truly an inspiration and an amazing lady. Your writing is witty and full of energy and I am hanging onto every last word. I will be waiting by my computer for your next post!

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  6. Wow! Quite inspiring story…. I found your pic of He-man and She-ra for quinoa through a random google search. It made me laugh! Great work, Love your blog!

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