Best gifts for fitness lovers 2013

This holiday season, I am going to #ShopLocal for all of my gifts. I think it is important to support the hardworking neighbors and families in my community. And I am willing to spend a bit more for the items to do so because I get to meet and talk to the people it affects.


Shopping local for Christmas been a really fun and rewarding experience, unlike the impersonal way I shopped last year. 100% Amazon, baby. Chillax (people still say that, right?). I am not hating on Amazon, truuuust me. I regularly plunder Lil Kathy’s Prime account because I glow-in-the-dark stair treads toMORROW. But Christmas is a big money maker, and Amazon will not go out of business if I don’t patron them. My favorite boutique, Frankly Basic, might.  PS – the hot blonde on the FB homepage is a friend from college. I know. I’m a big deal.

All that being said, there is some AWESOME stuff out there for the fitness (and health) peeps in my life. Here’s my best gifts for fitness lovers from 2013, in order of how I typed them 5 minutes ago:

Best Gifts for Fitness Lovers 2013

bike-tube-wallet1. Reclaimed bike tubes: Alchemy Goods products are the coolest! Messenger bags, wallets, belts, clutches and more made from upcycled bicycle tire tubes. They also have bags made from old billboards, if you have an ad man or lady in your life.


2. Transition & seat wrap: Ever get done with an epically sweaty run only to open your car door, stare at your seat and think, “This is going to get ugly”? The folks at Orange Mud have, too. Enter this genius wrap. And yes, it’s different than a regular towel. It stays around your waist with a built in belt clip so you don’t show your junk-in-the-trunk while changing in the parking lot. You know you’ve done it. It ALSO (and this is the genius part) has a zip on hoodie that slips over the seat back in your car so when you sit down, the wrap does not slide off. I’m speechless.

flyte-long-sleeve3. Long-sleeve running tee: Thumbholes. Long torso. No seams. Birds. Gimme gimmie gimmie gimmie this Oiselle base layer.

bynto-box4. Lunch box: As you know, you are what you eat. So why not skip eating out and pack your own healthy, proportioned meals for the office, soccer game, ferris wheel control platform, or wherever else it is you go all day. The greatest thing about the Goodbyn Bynto is the the three separate compartments. I mean, no one wants tomatoes that taste like peanut butter, do they? No they do not.

aquafarm5. AquaFarm: This is high up on the “Ok, that’s kind of genius” scale. It’s a self-cleaning fish tank that naturally fertilizes herbs and greens that grow on the lid. Basically, the fish feed the plants and the plants clean the water. There’s poop involved, I don’t want to get into it. But this looks super cool. Plus, it helmed from a KickStarter campaign, which makes it dope.

yoga-strap-sling6. Yoga mat sling + strap: It’s a strap. It’s a shoulder carrier. It’s both! Super simple and un-obnoxious, I like that this Manduka product has two purposes for your practice.

bike-bell7. Bike bell: Cruise to the bar in style (What. No one else does this?) with this fun bike accessory. I like the owl design best, but Electra has everything from the American flag to dice and flowers. Brrrring, brrring! On the left!!

oil-mister8. Oil mister: I have one of these and I love it. One tablespoon of olive oil has 120 calories and 14 grams of fat. With a mister, you can cover the whole bottom of a pan with just a teaspoon of oil. It’s great for lightly dressed salads, and coating veggies and bruschetta instead of using a brush. It’s also better for Momma Nature than using an aerosol spray.


9. Prancercise book: If you haven’t seen the “fitness revolution” that is Prancercise (yes, it deserves a capital P), it better be because you are either dead or making shoes in Bangladesh with Tom. It changed my life. And the fact that a book exists too is like getting a pickle with your sandwich. Unless you hate pickles. Then it’s like…I dunno…fill in the blank with something you think is super cool.


10. Indoor bike trainer: It’s zero-dark-thirty out there and cold. Ain’t no way you’re getting on a bike, right? Wrong. With an indoor trainer, you can maintain all that work you put in over the summer. In basic terms, a trainer makes your outdoor bike stationary. And depending on which type of trainer you get, you can truly recreate the road experience of climbs and sprints, all while watching Season 2 of Scandal (OMG, will she EVER get to be with him??). Trainers range anywhere from $150 to $1000, but a good starter-but-still-gets-the-job-done model is the CycleOps Magnetic without Adjuster.


Don’t forget, show your neighbors some love and #ShopLocal!

What is your favorite fitness product this year?

Do you have a favorite local shop? 

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11 thoughts on “Best gifts for fitness lovers 2013

  1. That oil mister looks ah-mazing. Anything to save time making some delicious bruschetta is worth getting.
    I would say one of my favorite local shops is Penzy’s Spices. Not really fitness related, per say, but a great place to pick up gifts for the culinary connoisseur or casual cook in your life.

  2. I love the towel thing. I have a giant towel I keep in my car for after hot yoga because otherwise it would definitely get gross. And the mat strap/sling is such a great idea. I wish I had seen it when ordering a mat from Manduka recently!

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