Me Likey Monday 01/27/14

What I’m eating, listening to, laughing at, sweating through and loving on this week’s Me Likey Monday.

Did you know that on this MLM back in 1888, The National Geographic Society was founded in Washington, DC? Thanks to this day, little boys across the land open a magazine expecting to find animals and are uncomfortably introduced to the African nipple. It’s pretty much all down hill from there, amIright?!

1. Words are life, Liesel: I finished The Book Thief while traveling last week and if you haven’t read the book, or have tried and quit, let me give you some advice: power through the first few chapters. It starts off vague, and it’s hard to get a handle on who the narrator is – that’s on purpose. It gets better and totally pays off. This is one of those reads with characters so rich and multidimensional, I felt like I was saying goodbye to friends when I reached the end. As a writer, for me this novel was less about the friendship between a German girl and a Jewish man in Nazi, Germany, and more about the power of the written and spoken word. Storytelling, language and letters can create escapes or connections – that’s why I love books so much. It’s a great read – don’t miss this one. Sidebar: the movie stays close to the book, but there is SOOO much more in the pages. book_thief2. Lady and the tramps: So apparently I know nothing about the people of Sesame Street, German numbers or Talking Heads. But the Golden Globes? That’s my jam. And I didn’t even watch the awards show – I talked to my coworker, Brian, who did. How’s that for throwing down some knowledge on trivia night? My team scored zero points. Zero. Guess it’s better than negative points, plus there was pizza and beer. I call that a win.


{I’ll let you guess which one’s the lady.}

3. Oil slick: I have been learning about the therapeutic qualities of essential oils, and I cannot get enough. I put lavender oil in my homemade laundry detergent and garment steamer so my clothes smell yummy and calming. On Mondays I take a yoga class that incorporates oils into the practice and recently I was gifted a bottle of Nurture by Myurveda. It contains orange, clove, patchouli and jojoba – oils that, combined,  are known to help decrease feelings of fear, anxiety and worry. I roll it behind my ears and on my wrists and the scent lingers all day – it’s amazing.

4. Chocolate rain: I just blew my own mind. In order to explain, we have to get real for a sec, mkay? I don’t shower every day. Some weekends, I don’t shower. At all. Unless of course I work out – baby girl can’t be getting swimples. So when I need to go out and my hair is looking a little on the oily side, I use baby powder. I’ve tried dry shampoos and I haven’t found one I like that that doesn’t require me to apply for a loan. Baby powder works great to absorb the light oil at my temples or crown. But I have dark brown hair – one shake too many and I’m an old timey judge about ready to sign the Constitution. So I came up with a solution. Cocoa powder dry shampoo. It’s brown. It’s powdery. Let’s do this (This is how my brain works). Put a 2/1 ratio (baby powder > cocoa) in a dish, mix and apply with a makeup brush. Works like a charm. Not only do I walk out the door lookin’ fresh, but if it rains I just grab a cup for an instant chocolate bevvie. Like I said – blew my own mind.

chocolate-hair-powder5. THAT guy: This Gym Stereotypes video from the guys at Dude Perfect is funny because it’s true. I’ve witnessed every single one of these wackos. Gallon of Water Guy kiiiiiiills me. No human should consume that much water in a 45 minute span unless you are Michael Phelps. While I’m slinging judgement, I must admit: I’m The Singer and I’m famous for slaughtering lyrics. I’m giggling just thinking about it. Oh. And I’m also The Hunter Gather-er. Sorry I’m not sorry, but different moves call for different weights and I’m teaching you patience and you are welcome.

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6. Lost in your smile: These are my friends, Aaron & Jane. They sing better than me, but I totally play that giant guitar better than Jane. I mean, doesn’t she know you use your FINGERS on the strings?? As of January 15,  you can listen to them on Pandora!!! HUGE.  And they are on iTunes. They rock. Aaron and I hiked on some rocks once. It was cool. This song is cooler.

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7. Oats on boats: Last week I was filming on location in Canada. It was my first time in the jolly land, and the dirty reputation is true. Even the homeless people are nice. One guy apologized for interrupting, asked for some change, then apologized for asking. WHAT? I stayed on Vancouver Island, and it is gorgeous. Beautiful forests, sprawling lakes and a mountain view amidst the salty ocean air. These pictures don’t do it justice – seriously, it’s like God just threw up glitter all over this place. Bonus, they say funny words like aye and aBOAT. That place is a hoot – viva Canada! Word to the wise: if you have to go through customs in Calgary, just say you are going for vacation and that you have clouds or hockey pucks or maple syrup in your suitcase, not thousands of dollars in camera equipment. Also, go to Flynn’s Fish & Chips. I mean it.


Be honest – which gym dude are you?

Have you ever been to Canada and do you love it?