Curing Grocery Store Confusion

Remember how I told you I’m going to Tina’s #BestBodyBootcamp?!

While I can’t give you specifics about my workouts, I can tell you that Tina’s plan is amazing.  After running long miles to train for the Chicago Marathon, the 25 minute intervals in the plan make my cardio fly by!  And with all workouts easily under an hour, I can get them in during my lunch break, which has been the best time for me right now.

And just when I thought I knew every strength move there was, Tina throws scorpions at me.  What the what.  This is by far the hardest move I’ve ever attempted, and thank goodness the only people that go to my gym at noon are, like, 100 years old.  On Monday I was flopping around like a beached dolphin, kind of laugh-crying in frustration, and this little old man walking on the treadmill in white high tops and black scrunchy socks was looking at me adoringly thinking “Look at that young sprite of a woman.  So strong and agile.  She is the pillar of health and a perfect example for young girls everywhere.” Okay, so slight chance that was all in my head, but you gotta do what gets you through, right?


Frustrated Grocery Shopping

I don’t even know where to start.  How many times have you told yourself these very words when it comes to eating healthy, exercising, looking for a new job, or attempting to pull off hipster bangs (NO? just me?)?.

Changing your life (or your hair) can seem overwhelming and downright impossible.  And you are 100% correct.  It is impossible, if you let it be.  If you make excuses, procrastinate and whine, you can pretty much make anything impossible to achieve.

Carrie Underwood A wise woman once said,

“Sometimes, that mountain you’ve been climbing is just a grain of sand.”

And Miley Cyrus another wise woman advises,

Ain’t about how fast I get there

Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side

It’s the climb.”

grocery cart uphill So clearly I am using a mountain climbing metaphor here to tell you that change is hard and it’s uncomfortable.  But instead of continuing to look to the top of the mountain and thinking “Dang, I still have SO far to go!” look behind you and think “Man oh man, look how far I’ve come!”.  Chances are, if you stop looking ahead you will see all of the people making the climb alongside of you that will say, “Look at what I’ve learned along the way to make this easier.”

Being that I’m on the mountain with you, I’m going to share some hints about healthy grocery shopping.  It’s hard, isn’t it? You walk into the supermarket and don’t even know where to start – there is that line again. So let’s do it together.

Many people will tell you to stick to the outside of the store.  Yes, the produce, dairy and meat is all on the outside – all good things.  But you know what ELSE is on the outside?  The bakery.  Usually bakery samples.  And gourmet cheese. And if you go to Trader Joes, the chips.  So there goes that idea.

grocery-aisle-confusion According to the Food Marketing Institute, supermarkets today carry an average of 38,718 items. Add crazy marketing schemes (Low Fat! Lower Fat! Organic!), and most days you are ready to give up before you have anything in your cart.

Today is your lucky day – we are going to cure grocery shopping confusion. I’ve created an aisle by aisle chart to help you decipher which healthy foods to love and which imposters to leave.  Now like everything, everyone has their own school of thought and what might be right for my diet is not right for yours. Always do what is best for you, or consult a doctor if you are unsure.

Click on the image below for a two page PDF on healthy grocery shopping. It’s got a lot of info on it, so further down I have made a “cheat sheet” that you can keep in your purse or wallet.


Here is a link to this same list, but without the “deets” column, to keep in your car or purse as a cheat sheet. Click the image for a printable PDF.

Some of you might be thinking – ok, so I bought all of this weird food like quinoa, ricotta and broccoli. How in the heck do I cook it?  Like I said, this is going to take work but you have people to help you.  Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and email and ask me for a recipe.  Check out my recipes page. Google is also another great tool to find recipes or other bloggers who cook a LOT more than me, and are way better at it.  Before you know it, these foods will be familiar to you and you can put your own personal twist on meals.  I PROMISE.

Happy Shopping!

Which aisle is the most confusing to you at the grocery store?

Any foods you just don’t know what to do with? Maybe I can help!

Do you love Carrie and Miley as much as I do?


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10 thoughts on “Curing Grocery Store Confusion

  1. I was stuck indoors while Hurricaine Sandy went through MD so I did BBB Workout A inside. I have a stability ball and I was definitely laughing/ crying/grunting in frustration during scorpions. I had to put the ball in it’s little stand otherwise I kept falling off. I told my bf he had to leave the room cause I was so embarassed!

  2. This info is so helpful, especially the Deets section. For example, I always thought that ground turkey was the way to go. Not so much! Thanks for the great info – I might have to get this laminated! 🙂

  3. So I am here busting out laughing. You crack me up!

    This post is so motivating, it is so important for me to look how far I have come and not how much is left to go.

    And when it comes to cooking oh boy. I have been trying to come up with crock pot meals twice a week. So far so good except last nights soup pretty much failed.

    Great grocery list, thanks!

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