DJ Tanner Says: Change your Expectations

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Read any fitness magazine, self-help book or motivational blog and they will all say the same thing: set goals. Without goals, we are just grasping at straws and are more likely to give up, stray, or forget what we were working for in the first place. I get it. I do it.

With goal setting comes something else. Expectation. Somewhere along the line, I made goals for how I wanted my life to turn out and expectations for how and when those goals would play out. I didn’t realize any of this until now. You would think it was obvious, but it wasn’t.

For the first two days I was in Salt Lake visiting Big Sis, I had MAJOR anxiety. I was grumpy, short, quiet and withdrawn. Husband and I were out buying last minute stocking stuffers and we got into a conversation about what was bothering me, and I realized that I was already stressing about having to say goodbye to Bro-in-Law, Big Sis, Booka and Lil Bean. We were only two days into a nine day trip and I was already sad. Redonk, I know, but it literally tears my heart apart to say goodbye to them. The babies are growing so fast; Big Sis is my best friend and teaches me something every time I’m with her; and Bro-in-Law is just fun to be around and a great friend to Husband.

Family Pic 2012

Husband and I were sitting in the driveway having this conversation, mind you, while tears streamed down my face and my family’s faces were smashed against the living room window. Yeah, my family is not subtle and that is why I love them.

Needless to say, my sister later asked what was wrong and I told her as best I could without making her feel bad that it gets harder and harder to see her family because it gets harder and harder to say goodbye. And this is when the Almighty Big Sister threw down some knowledge DJ Tanner style.

 DJ and Stephanie Tanner

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She said that I have always been a dreamer. I dream big things and set certain expectations for how those dreams will go. When the dream doesn’t come true or doesn’t end up the way I want it to, I have a really hard time accepting the outcome. She went on to say that I shouldn’t stop dreaming, but that I need to learn to be okay with whatever direction those dreams take me.

Like a BOSS. Big Sis schooled me like the boss that she is. I haven’t been able to think about much else since because I realized she was dead. on. For example, I moved to Los Angeles in 2003 with dreams of becoming a working actress. I have had that dream since I was a little girl, and I truly believed it would happen. I knew it would be hard and I knew it would take a lot of focus and hard work, but I expected to make a living in front of the camera. After Husband and I got married in 2010 and he was given a job opportunity in Kansas City, I had to come to terms with the fact that my dream was not going to come true. Or if it did, God would have to totally surprise me because I was done chasing it.

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I will be honest, losing that dream crushed me – still does some days. I truly, in my heart of hearts, thought God’s plan was for me to be the Tim Tebow of Hollywood. I was angry that I could end up so wrong when I believed in the dream so strongly and worked so feverishly hard.  Don’t get me wrong, I love our life in Kansas City. We have created lifelong relationships, I have a close friend from college back in my life, we own a beautiful home and are closer to family.  God certainly has His hand in our lives, it just isn’t how I pictured it.

And now. I always said that as soon as Big Sis started kicking out babies, I’d move to wherever she lived. Easier said than done. Another dream, another expectation misfire. There are other expectations for my life I thought would have happened by now, dreams for Husband and I. But as I sit and think about what my sister said, I realize that it’s not the dream that needs to change, it’s the expectation of how the dream will happen.


Instead of becoming an award winning actress, I should have simply expected to study my craft from some of the most talented teachers in the world, while learning all I could about 20 year old me.

Instead of living in the same town as my niece and nephew, I should expect to create memories when I AM with them that will last lifetimes.

Instead of being frustrated with certain areas of my life, I should expect God to give me a future and a life that I would never have dreamed for myself. Plain and simple.

And what about you?

Instead of thinking you’ll never lose that last 20 lbs, expect that the work you are put in is adding years to your life and making you a stronger person.

Instead of finding the guy of your dreams, expect that he will find you.

Instead of having kids that behave like angels in Target, expect that every mother that sees your screaming, kicking, bratty little darling has been there and understands that you are not a bad parent.

Don’t change the dream. Change the expectation.


With this new outlook on expectations, I am heading into my first week of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp with the expectation to be stronger in 8 weeks than I am today.  I’m not measuring my arms or checking my weight on the scale, hoping to change my body shape.  Tina provided us with a “Fitness Test”, several strength exercises to perform now and at the end of bootcamp.  Those results will be my only expectation – and I’m okay with that.


How do you handle misfired expectations or unattained goals? 

What is some unexpected, great advice you’ve received? 

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13 thoughts on “DJ Tanner Says: Change your Expectations

  1. You are such an amazing writer, Meg! This post really touched me. Just continue to let go and Let God! He definitely has His hand in your life! I have no doubt that He has things planned for you and Nate that will far exceed any expectation that you have. I know how badly you want to live closer to Big Sis. I will selfishly say that I am glad that you came to KC. You are an amazing friend and I am SO blessed and thankful to have you in my life! Love you!

  2. Thanks a bunch for stopping by my blog. I’m a fellow BBB gal. I LOVE the photo on your header. Too funny. This post gave me goosebumps, especially the part about not being a bad mother. We really have all been there.

  3. Oh my gosh, WOW! What a powerful post. I think I do the same thing but had never really thought about it. I get ideas in my head of how things should go and certainly get crushed when they don’t Thank you for sharing your sister’s insight and opening your heart to us too. Loved. This. Post! And even moreso for the Full House references.
    Tina @ Best Body Fitness recently posted..I Can See!My Profile

  4. Love this post! I love that Lindsay included you on her Bean Bytes today, because I had meant to comment on this post the other day! (Things got a bit crazy this weekend.) I’m new to your blog, but I LOVE your header and I love this post even more. I have two sisters (both younger, both with two kids, and one is pregnant now). We have to drive long distances to get to them, and every time we get together I’m always feeling low when I have to leave. It’s tough. Especially when you have a fantastic relationship with them. (And leaving the babies? SO tough!) I love her advice, and it’s actually advice I give one of my sisters. 🙂 We big sisters love our little sisters…but truth is, we learn just as much from our little sisters. 😉
    Melissa @ Live, Love, & Run recently posted..Diets, resolutions, and body image: my rant.My Profile

  5. What an amazing post and so inspirational! I am blessed to have you as a friend and love that you can convey your thoughts so well to others. I’m just sorry that this is the first opportunity I’ve had to read it. Brought me to tears! Love you girl!

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  8. Just ran across this and it is so true! For years I have had what I call the Norman Rockwell Syndrome . . . with a house full of three boys there just isn’t the perfect Thanksgiving dinner or the perfect Christmas service. I embrace it now and know that “it is what it is”. It’s all about the stories and the memories! Good for you for figuring this out at a much younger age!

  9. This post was awesome! I actually had this conversation with my boyfriend Friday night. Its so hard to try to want something then it not turn out what we want…I am trying really hard to love my life how it is (pretty great) and realize that it can’t be the way I have it in my head all the time! Great post!
    Allison recently posted..Finally A Vacation Post!My Profile

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