Don’t Feel Like a Marshmallow Fruit Dip

Marshmallow.  Marshmallow.  MARSHMALLOW!!!!!!!!!!…Husband does this thing whenever he is really hot and uncomfortable where he mumbles the word “Marshmallow” until someone does something to cool him off (someone = me + a glass of ice water + fan).  Well I don’t know aboutch’all, but I have felt like a burned up wheel o’ sugar lately.  I mean, 110*?  Really!?!

{Love me some Weekend Update}

When it’s super hot, I don’t want to eat ANYTHING that has to be heated up, was heated up, or thinks about being heated up.  All I want is some watermelon, a PB & J and a SqueezIt.  All day.

{Mmmm. Remember these?}

So when my friend Molly (remember, the preggo who kicked my butt?) invited us all over for a BBQ on Sunday, I knew I wanted to bring something cold and light.  Kristen always has great recipes, so I jumped over to her site, Iowa Girl Eats, and found what she claims is the BEST Fruit Dip Ever.  Challenge accepted.

I ended up swapping out her cream cheese for Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese because I have made it my life goal to incorporate Laughing Cow into every meal.  Totally possible.  I agree, Kristen – and so did my BBQ’ing friends – this fruit dip is mouth-watering.  And I find no coincidence that the recipe calls for marshmallow. 

The BBQ was super fun – thanks to Molly, her husband Matt, and their growing unborn baby boy/girl we’ve fondly named Clark.  Big Sis was in town, so naturally I brought her along to meet the other crazy ladies who get up before the sun to run in the million degree heat or negative million degree winter.  They kept telling us how much we look alike.  Do you see it?  BTW, Big Sis, Husband and I all tried Boulevard’s Zon Belgian-style Witbier.  Big. Fan.  Go get some and then drink it next to the air conditioner.

What do you like to eat on hot days? Do people say you look like your siblings? Do you remember SqueezeIts??

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