Fall Tabata Workout with Puma

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of PUMA.


You all know how I love me some Tabatas. I mean, what else can you do in four minutes that leaves you sweaty and satisfied? Don’t answer that. Tabatas are super intense, but super fun because they are quick and full of variety!

So when I was given the opportunity to write a workout inspired by PUMA’s new gear, I knew tabatas were in order. And since it’s fall, every exercise in the workout has an up then down-or falling-motion. Get it? Go ahead, say it. I’m a genius.


First, the gear. I have rated PUMA’s loot on a very sophisticated point system based on several algorithms too complicated to discuss.


I wore PUMA’s fun, “dazzling blue and sparkling grape” FormLite XT Ultra Women’s Training Shoes to not one, but two different bootcamps. These puppies are the lightest cross-training shoes I have EVER worn. +1,348 points. Burpees, skaters and box jumps had nothing on me. Okay, that’s a total lie. Everyone knows burpees are jerks and no one is good at them. No one!

I also took the feather-inspired kicks out on a short trail run over the weekend, and they were surprisingly supportive. Personally, I don’t know if I would run much over 4 miles in them though, because I need bit more support.


The one issue I have with the shoe is that it hits too low on my ankle. –46 points. I wear no-show socks, and every pair stuck way above the shoe line, as if I was wearing quarter socks. That’s just me though, and we all know I’m a weirdo about socks. This has been established.

puma-jumpingThe Tech Performance Slim 3/4 Tights were perfect. They are soft, wicking and lightweight, but not so thin you show your thong song during yoga. They hit right at the knee cap and flare out a bit, which I didn’t like a first but came to appreciate as bootcamp wore on. Just that little give around the knee made squats and lunges that much easier. +2,345 points for the drawstring waist, so there is no fear of pants on the ground. I’d say these pants are perfect, but I will deduct 13 points because there is not a pocket for a key or gel.

puma-long-tank-yogaAnd then there’s the beautiful, flowy, comfy Tech Performance Long Tank. This tank is so cute, I would wear it to happy hour. It kept me dry during bootcamp sweat sessions, yet let me move freely during a flow yoga class. It does run big though, so I would go down a size next time. It was just a bit too roomy in some places. It’s definitely a new favorite! +5,698 points!

How about we sweat some, yea?! Check out Fiterature’s Fall Workout inspired by PUMA. Remember – perform each move in the pair for 20 seconds each, followed by a 10 second rest. Do this 4 times through, for a total of 4 minutes. Then move on to the next pair. That’s 16 minutes of high-intensity heart strengthening! Heck yea!



Barbell hip raise (obviously you would use less weight than the hoss in this video. You can also place dumbbells on your thighs, if you don’t have a bar and plates.)

Tricep Dips

One Leg Touchdown Squats

Push Ups – knees or toes

Frog Sit Ups 

Frog Leg Plank

Lunge Hammer Curl

Diagonal Dumbbell Row with Press


 What is your favorite type of workout?

Do you PUMA?

**PS: Photo creds (the good ones) go to The Bestie. She knows her way around an iPhone.

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