Honey, if you love me…you’ll give me more honey.

Sugar, bum bum bum bum bum bum, awwww honey honey, you are my candy giiiiirl and you got me wanting you.  Oooh oh oh…..

Honey.   Something about it just SCREAMS warm weather.  Oh, wait – those screams are me when I see a bee of any size.  Seriously, if bees can smell fear than they might as well bottle me up and sell me at Bath & Body Works.  They could call it “Summer Scaredy Pants” or “Warm-Air Weenie”.  …Where were we?

UPDATE: Photo sent in by Lil' Kathy - apparently I wasn't ALWAYS afraid of bees....

Ah yes, honey.  Friday night I was reading my latest Runner’s World, and I came across an article about natural nutrition.  I’ve mentioned before that while I train for the Chicago Marathon, I’m paying extra close attention to my nutrition and hydration. I want to feel strong through this whole journey.  So this info was RIGHT up my alley.  The article mentioned that honey “is perfect for marathons; a tablespoon (the amount in a honey packet) has 17 grams of carbs (wow!).”  RW suggested swapping honey packets for gels by consuming 2-4 packets every hour.  It also gave a recipe for a homemade sports drink – which, OF COURSE, I had to try.  And try I did!

I took this puppy on my long run on Saturday and it worked like a gem – actually, it was the best long run I’ve had in a while.  The last 2 miles I ran at Half Marathon pace (which is faster than what I would be running the marathon) and I felt like I could have gone on forever.  I was strong, I had energy, and I was hydrated.  The mixture was really sweet upon first swig, but as the run went on I actually looked forward to the sugary taste.  I would probably scale back a bit on the honey for the next batch, but not too much.

Why does this mixture work? When you are doing any sort of endurance training (running long distance, swimming, biking, etc), your body loses water & electrolytes (minerals everyone has in their bodies that help to regulate fluid levels), and needs energy to sustain your activity.   The water helps with hydration, salt replenishes electrolytes, and the honey is packed with carbs, which your body uses for energy!

I was on such a honey high that when Husband fired up the grill on Saturday night, I finally made a recipe that I’ve been carrying around since, oh, 2008.  I slightly altered this recipe for Grilled Fruit with Strawberry Rhubarb Glaze from one I picked up at Ralph’s when I was still living on the West Coast. Their recipe called for raspberries, but I had fresh strawberries and jam on hand, so I went with it.

Dinner, fresh from the grill!

Oh my GOSH, was this good!!! Talk about a flavor explosion!! Husband and I agree that with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, this could be our new favorite dessert.  And it was meant to be a side dish, alongside asparagus and veggie Smart Dogs!  This dinner was so good, it made me want to do this yummy dance!  Yummy yummy kid’s english!

Yummy! Yummy!

(click here for larger image)

 What’s your favorite recipe with honey? Do you use honey as a beauty product?

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7 thoughts on “Honey, if you love me…you’ll give me more honey.

  1. I LOVE honey on most anything – but eat it on my sweet potato(e) and on cottage cheese – m-m-m. (And have been known to take a hit or two directly from the bottle – don’t tell Em Em Dub!!

  2. OMGosh! That picture from childhood is hilarious!!! I have a feeling we will be discussing in the a.m. HA!! And thanks for the recipes. The DH and I love fruit on the grill with ice cream.

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