It’s Green Where You Water It.

Happy Thursday! Who’s got Labor Day Weekend plans?! 

{This girl!}

Heading to the in-laws for a visit – good ol’ Iowa, here we come!

On my drive in to work this morning, Justin Beiber’s “As Long As You Love Me” came on, and I actually listened to the words this time, which NEVER happens.  I’m the girl who gets lyrics TOTALLY wrong.  You know Brian Adams song, “Summer of ’69“?  I thought the words were, “I got my first class ticket, bought it at five to nine,” until my friend Brooke corrected me like 10 years later. The ACTUAL words are “I got my first real six string, bought it at the five and dime.”  Ooooooh.  Makes much more sense.

Anywho, the Beibsters lyrics hit a chord (get it?) with me today.

This little gem applies to like 5 things in my life right now.

1.  I had a horrible 20 mile run last Saturday, with a side pain that lasted the entire way, while the rest of my friends had a great run, a fast run.  I was a little jealous. OK, a lot jealous.  But, I chose to eat nachos the day before, followed up with taco salad for dinner.  Not really the fuel of champs.  I didn’t water my grass, so I struggled.

2.  I’m antsy at work.  I get this way at every job right around the 2 year mark, like clockwork.  I’m bored, I’m not challenged, I’m not in charge.  I see other people’s jobs and I want them.  “They make more money; they have more time off; they work from home.”  What they don’t tell you is that they are spread too thin, they work so they don’t have to go home, they live paycheck to paycheck, they don’t know their kids or spouse, they HATE their job.  I need to be still and water my grass where I am at: the job that pays me to be creative, with great coworkers, a flexible boss and Royals tickets.

3.  I don’t live near my family. I miss them horribly and want to watch Booka and Lil Lil grow from close-up, not afar.  I want to sit on the couch in sweats with Big Sis and drink wine.  I want to take Pilates with Lil Kathy and go antiquing with Em Em Dub.  I want to garden with Dancin’ Darrell and be in a drum circle with Assistant Annie. I want to dance in my living room with Bestie Ryan. What I need to do is water my marriage, my home, my friendships.  I need to be present in my new city with my new (ish) husband.  I need to water MY little two-person family and the rest will come.  Plus side: my family isn’t all up in our biznass, we don’t fight over stupid stuff and my car can stay dirty for weeks without Em Em Dub saying something. (Muah!)

There are so many more examples I could share.  I have always been a person that is looking for the “next” thing, wishing I had what someone else has and thinking I wouldn’t be happy and still until I did.  I forget to be thankful for what I have been given, for how far I’ve come, who I am.  Sometimes it takes a gentle reminder to get me back on track.

“It’s green where you water it.” I’ve just been schooled by Justin Beiber.  That just happened.

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Talk to me.  What needs watering in YOUR life? Whatcha doing for Labor Day?

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9 thoughts on “It’s Green Where You Water It.

  1. Sometimes, we all have to take a step back and appreciate what God has blessed us with. I know how you feel about family though. From our recent experience, I am trying to do better at this. I am very grateful to God that you are in my life!

  2. Guess this is when “Grow where you are Planted” makes sense! God has us right where He wants us every day and we are to be thankful for that each new day. Tough some days, but pays off. Love you

  3. THe Biebs knows his stuff. Never say never is one of my favorite songs of his,actually!!!

    YAY for seeing In Laws! HAVE fun!

    And agreed-it is SO much better to just stay put & water it & see where it goes!! 😉 Gotta give it all a chance!

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