It’s Not a Tuma – It’s a Split Squat!

Today marks Day One of Week Four of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp.  I love it so far and here is why! 


Best Body Bootcamp challenges my entire body every week with different workouts, cardio bursts and intervals.  I get bored very easily, and Tina has designed her plan so perfectly that there is no WAY I could find myself in a rut.  I have been introduced to exercises I’ve never heard of like the Arnold Shoulder Press (I like to say things like “It’s not a tuma” when I do these), plus have really challenged myself with old faves like Split Squats. Not only does Tina include links to videos for each exercise, she gives you alternatives to make the move easier or harder based on your ability.  And the cardio intervals are always under 25 minutes, which I appreciate because I work out on my lunch breaks and need to be done in under an hour. 

In addition to the sweat sessions, Tina holds you accountable.  THIS is the part I love the most.  I have a personalized Google docs spreadsheet that only Tina and I share. Tina asks me to set two weekly goals that I enter into the spreadsheet. I then have to check whether or not I did the days activity and followed through with the goal.  The goals can be anything from switching out my desk chair for a stability ball (week 3), leaving love notes for Husband (week 1), or not consuming added sugar after 8pm (week 2).  If you have a certain amount of checkmarks each week, you are eligible to win prizes! Free stuff???? Hellooooooooo. Sign me up.

IMG_0609 From the first email I received from Tina after registering, I could tell she puts a LOT of work and heart into this bootcamp.  She created a Facebook group for all bootcampers to encourage and support one another, plus answer questions she knows will be beneficial to everyone.  Tina could charge hundreds of dollars for this bootcamp – goodness knows others do.  And with her involvement and attention to detail, it is WELL worth more than the $25 she charges for 8 weeks.  I’m only halfway through, and I KNOW I will be signing up again for the next round – registration is in early December with a January 7 start. 

*Tina did not ask me to write this review, nor am I getting any compensation for doing so. All opinions are mine.  I simply believe that being educated or motivated about fitness doesn’t have to cost a fortune. 

One of the exercises we are focusing on this week is the Split Squat.  All you need is a bench or chair and hand weights. If you are just starting out, hand weights are optional – body weight alone will fire up those quads like you wouldn’t believe!  Split squats work your butt, hamstrings, thighs and challenges your balance while working your core.  Plus, this move can be done pretty much anywhere and equipment free!

Split Squat

How to Do a Split Squat

1.  Place one foot well out in front of the other in a staggered position with your rear foot placed firmly on top of a bench or chair no higher than 18 inches. Hold a dumbbell in each hand or a barbell (I’m holding a dumbbell in my back hand. It’s HARD to take a photo of yourself while doing this, FYI. Good thing I’m a professional dork and almost fell).

2.  Engage your core (pull belly button into spine) and maintain a straight, strong torso as you descend as deep as possible with your front heel firmly on the floor.  Make sure your front knee does not travel past your toes.  You should feel a stretch in your rear leg’s hip flexor region as you descend.

3.  Drive upward through your front heel, squeeze your glutes and exhale as you rise up and return to start. Complete 10 repetitions with one leg, then switch to the other to complete the same number of reps.

Do you have any tips for taking photos mid-workout? Does that make me a weirdo?

What is your fave no equipment exercise?

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16 thoughts on “It’s Not a Tuma – It’s a Split Squat!

  1. As I walked up my stairs last night with my butt muscles screaming at me, I was reminded of the split squats I did yesterday. Holy cow, they are affective. I love the variety of bootcamp, you’re right, no chance to get bored and workouts are done quickly.

    And we get a great community of people who are all trying to fit it all in and be healthy. Love it.

  2. Great write up, Megan! My booty hurts right now from doing the split squat. We got one heck of a deal! Thanks for telling me about it.

  3. I missed the deadline this last time, but sign me up in December! I’m in! And really looking forward to the community of boot campers!

  4. Great exercise (that will leave you sore for a week) but one small correction: you state “Engage your core (pull belly button into spine),” however you should never suck in your stomach when weightlifting. To engage your ‘core’ you actually want to hold your breath and contract your diaphragm and push your stomach *out*. It’s called the Valsalva maneuver and is essential for protecting your lumbar spine when squatting and deadlifting and in just about every compound weight lifting exercise.

    • Will, in the context of heavy weightlifting, I totally agree! And thanks for sharing your wicked knowledge!
      I have a lot of “new to weights” readers, so I want to make sure they understand the importance of rotating their pelvis forward, not back.
      Thanks for reading!

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