Jump Rope Champion of the WORLD & Molly’s Morning Mayhem

Apologies for being on the lam for the past week, but my computer went on strike making it preeeeetty hard to blog.  I tried using these antique tools called peeper plurpe paper and pue ptigr pen, but I couldn’t figure out how to stuff it into the internet port in my wall so it would get to you guys.  But lucky for you, I’m back.

I wanted to share a great no equipment workout that my friend Molly wrote. She tortured us  lead a group of us last week at the park, and I can’t get it off my mind.  All we used was a jump rope and our muskles. So you can do this workout ANYWHERE – it’s especially great as a travel workout (which Molly does a lot of because she is saving the world one city at a time).

I’m not gonna lie – this was tough.  Pretty sure I yelled a few obscenities towards Molly, particularly during the burpees and the 7th round of 100 jump ropes. She’s pregnant but her baby didn’t have ears until today, so it’s all good. Plus,  cursing is always a sure sign of a great workout, right?  This isn’t for the weak of heart, but you can DO it.  Just do your best and perform as many reps in every set that you can.  And then next time, do 1 more.  And no worries, Molly and I are still friends – we totally high-fived after I was able to breathe again.  Wanna share the love?

Once through the workout takes about 45 minutes.  If you are hardcore, do it twice.  At the bottom are links to some of the moves, for proper form. Have fun!Mollys-Morning-Mayhem

we are on the subject of jump rope, guess who was the jump rope champion of Swedish Days Festival ’91?

This girl.

Yep, I had mad skills. No big deal.

Check out my guest post today on Fitness Perks – it’s Fiterature’s Must Have List for Cycling!!

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7 thoughts on “Jump Rope Champion of the WORLD & Molly’s Morning Mayhem

    • Crystal, Notice I said I WAS jump rope champ…this round was far from graceful! Especially towards the end when my legs felt like they were filled with cement! Good luck, you are gonna rock this workout.

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