Me Likey Monday 09/09/13

While we here at Fiterature Studios appreciated the no labor on Labor Day, I must admit I missed Me Likey Monday. Don’t cry, dry your eyes – it’s back. Have a great week, handsomes!

1. Lips Like Sugar: About a year ago, I won some NuNaturals NuStevia products from Enjoy Your Healthy Life, and fell in love. I add Orange NuStevia liquid to smoothies and in Ricotta cremes, and love sprinkling a little of their NoCarbs Blend in my ice tea. This week, I made myself some mean Vanilla Iced Coffees to get my bootie movin’. Just a few drops of the good stuff and I’m a happy girl. It doesn’t take much, I tell ya.


2. You are Beautiful, No Matter What They Say: This Open Apology to All of My Weight Loss Clients post, written by a former weight loss consultant, broke my heart, yet gave me hope for the future. This quote from her letter sums it up: “I am sorry because many of you walked in healthy and walked out with disordered eating, disordered body image, and the feeling that you were a ‘failure’. None of you ever failed. Ever. I failed you. The weight loss company failed you. Our society is failing you.” Props for your honesty, sister girl. My goal for Fiterature is NEVER to tear down, but to educate and encourage. If I ever do anything less than that, I lean on you to call me out. Deal?

3. Did You Hear About The Fire at the Circus?: It was in tents. Ba dum ching! I love that joke. Which is why I must own this FieldCandy Big Top camping tent. How jealous would you be if you rolled up to my campsite with your boring ol’ Coleman, and I come waltzing out of this? WARNING: If you are afraid of clowns, do NOT I repeat do NOT click on the link above. You’ll never go anywhere that has trees again. Intrigued now, aren’t you? Seriously. Don’t click the link. Don’t do it.


4. Appropriate Segway To: Labor Day Camping Weekend 2013! What a blast we had! Just see for yourselves. PS – do you like our group prom photo?


5. Take That, Mr. Chatterson: I have so many questions. Where are they? Why does the POV driver have a dash cam? Was that an iPhone or an Android? Did the person on the other end of the line get a callback? Will the dude in the raincoat come to my house and be my friend? This guy literally does what I want to do about 10 times a day. So do you. Admit it. And if you don’t – that means you’re the schmuck on the phone. Hang it up and just DRIVE!! Don’t get me started.

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6. Whaddya Live Under a Rock? Well yes, these crazy Spaniards do, in fact, live under a rock. I need to go here. Not only to drink beer in one of these rock bars, but to tell those ladies that you shouldn’t stand on a balcony AND wear a skirt. It’s one or the other.

7. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Fall is my favorite time of year because I LOVE candy corn. It is one of two things I eat by the handfuls – the other being Cheez-Its. So when I saw these beauties on the shelf, I had to get them. Big mistake. HUGE. (Extra points if you can name what movie that line is from. Leave it in the comments.) They taste less like candy corn and more like sadness and vanilla chemicals. #OreoFAIL, yet they make MLM solely for their clever packaging. I’ll probably still eat them.


8. Bradley Cooper Says Let’s Watch This: Nike’s iconic Just Do It campaign turns 25 this year, so they put together this really cool commercial about Possibilities. Ahhhhh! It just makes me want to go wrestle an alligator.

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9. Get In My Belly: You know I love them enough to make my own Coconut Cream Larabars, but have you tried the new ALT The Alternative Protein Bar by LARABAR?! It’s got the whole, natural, vegan and gluten-free ingredients you love about the original bars, plus pea protein. They are delicious and come in 4 flavors – Pumpkin Pie being my fave. Check ‘em.


10. I’ll Eat You Whole, I Love You So: The song Breezeblocks by Alt-J has a dope beat, so it’s been on repeat during this week’s workouts. The lyrics are haunting and the video is crazy creative and powerful – it’s shot backwards, and you see a totally different story if you watch it forwards. It just goes to show that love can crush you or save you, depending on your perspective.  Also give a listen to their songs Matilda and Tessellate. Ya dig?

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What is the FIRST song that comes into your head starting…NOW?

Are you afraid of clowns?

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