Me Likey Monday 09/15/13

Me. Likey. Monday. Boom.

1. Wear Your Shirt Like a Man: I love tank tops. Oooon me, not my man. When I see a dude in a tank, I instantly want to run over and throw my cardigan over their bare arms. Yes, I’d rather see a man in a  rose colored cardigan than a tank. I’m that passionate about the matter. I don’t care if said man has biceps that can toss me in the air like a pizza, wear sleeves. I beg you. A man tank is a deal breaker.

2. Do It Yourself Planking: This is what happens when you leave me unsupervised at Home Depot. Can’t take me anywhere.


3. Here I Go, Here I Go, Here I Go Again: SiriusXM was free all week, and I was obsessed with the Family Comedy channel. I came across comedian Brian Regan’s bit “You Too.” I pulled into work with tears rolling down my cheeks. I am constantly saying horrifying things at inappropriate times, then shamefully try to cover up. It’s a trainwreck. And quite entertaining from the sidelines, I’m sure.

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4. Have You Seen Me?: Have you ever hit that ‘Skip Ad’ button on YouTube? Unless you don’t know what YouTube is, you probably have. A lot. They get in the way of all those cat videos you watch. What if, instead, the few un-skippable seconds were filled with information that could save a person’s life? That’s exactly what The Australian Federal Police and VML have launched. ‘The Missing Persons Pre-Roll’, aids the search for new leads on over 1,600 long term missing persons in Australia. Using geo-targeting allowed the campaign to focus on the locations that each missing person was last seen. So awesome.

5. Come On, Dog: I’ve been toying – and I say this lightly – with the idea of getting a dog. But I have very strict criteria. The dog can’t smell, drool, shed, bark or poop. It can’t be an ankle biter, but I also think dogs the size of a small horse are creepy. It has to have kind eyes, a short tail, friendly smile and unique sense of humor…Maybe we’ll just start with a list of dogs for runners.

6. Breaking Away: The highlight of my week was Bike MS! Kerry and I rode with the KC Cutters team (named after the movie Breaking Away, staring a very young and svelte Dennis Quaid). It was a really fun group and I’m so glad they welcomed us to the party. Kerry described it best: it was a chain popping, hill hiking, knee busting, tire flattening, eye opening, friendship strengthening, belly laughing, gear grinding, fortitude building, beer drinking (I added that one), tent camping (and that one) adventure. I’ll be back next year!


Who is your favorite comedian?

Thoughts on the man tank? Let’s discuss.

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13 thoughts on “Me Likey Monday 09/15/13

  1. I hate men in tank tops. I dated a guy in high school who wore sleeveless shirts and he always had deodorant chunks in his pit hair! Gross!

    • Oooh I didn’t think about basketball players. Okay, I will allow one exception. 🙂

      If you blow a tire, you change it! Unless you are a pro, then you hire someone to drive a car behind you and change it. I am NOT a pro, shockingly, so I carry extra tubes and small canisters of CO2 (air). It takes a few tries to get the hang of it, but then it’s like…riding a bike!

  2. Gaffigan is a man among boys in the comedy game. Sheer genius. Many others are very good, he is killer.

    I will second (and third, and fourth, and so on…) you on dudes in tanks. Commit one way or the other, right?

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