Me Likey Monday 01/13/14

What I’m eating, listening to, laughing at, sweating through and loving on this week’s Me Likey Monday.

1. Lose the snooze: In case you found yourself to frozen this weekend to jump on the interwebs, I posted a treadmill workout that will leave you toasty, tired and totally NOT bored. Let me know what you think!


2. Winter workout: If you ARE a crazy like me and insist on running outside, has 5 tips to master winter running. It’s a good read that covers everything I would tell you. And since did the work already, I’m gonna kick back and send text messages containing nothing but emoticons.


{Clearly we were enjoying the live music}

3. I want to disappear with you: A beautiful new song by Mikky Ekko, the voice behind Rihanna’s “Stay“. Mikky’s sounds is really unique, I love the electronica mixed with his light and soulful vocals. And he has the audacity to put FOUR K’s in his made up name, so you know he’s a big deal.

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4. Sky high slurps: Oh Southwest Airlines, you had me at no change fees, free baggage check, the Wanna Get Away campaign, sassy flight attendants and the sneaky way you turn the term “herded like cattle” into a contact sport. “I see the number on your boarding pass lady. A34 comes after A33, so quit trying to hide that piece of paper behind your Starbucks and GET BEHIND ME or I will drop you.” (…just me?) The days of needing to court me were long gone, yet you continue to get me all hot and bothered with your racy gifts. Stop it, just stop. Okay, never stop.


5. Warn a sista: Yesterday I celebrated a friend’s baby shower at Gram & Dun on The Plaza, and they served Monkey Bread for brunch. Now I like me a good MB, but this stuff was obscene. Let’s take a look at the menu description: “cinnamon. sugar. golden raisins. walnuts. icing.” Hey Grambo and Dunski, you forgot rainbows and unicorns. I mean, if you are going to create something this earth shattering, you need a disclaimer. I need to be prepared for such things so I don’t wet myself. It’s all I ask.


{how dare you.}

6. Be kind. Always: This week I have coffee with someone I thought I had figured out. I pegged them as having an easy, breezy life filled with perfect word choices, appropriate jokes and glitter. Boy was I wrong. Reality smacked me in the face as I listened to their heartbreaking journey to where they’ve been and where they are. Two days later I saw this quote online…You just NEVER know, do you? Let’s be more loving and practice grace towards one another, ya? Ya.


How can you be more kind this week?

What is your favorite emoticon? 

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4 thoughts on “Me Likey Monday 01/13/14

  1. I try to think about that quote often…especially with people I just don’t get. I’m back to classes this week, and am really going to try to give a couple more smiles to a classmate who often annoys me (instead of rolling my eyes).

    You ladies and your emoticon texts *almost make me wish I lived close enough to run with you…or at least meet up for post-run coffee.
    Molly recently posted..We like to move it…My Profile

  2. That is a fantastic quote! I am going to try harder to apply it to my life as well. Love you chica! Also, I am mad that you didn’t bring me any monkey bread.

  3. It’s really hard to keep that quote in mind as I encounter annoying people. I can always do better approaching others with kindness. You never know when you could help turn someone’s day around.

    I love that Mikky Ekko song (as Brian may or may not have told you). I’m your classic “run a song into the ground on repeat” kind of person. It’s a keeper on my heavy rotation play list.

    I don’t have a favorite emoticon though I am a big time 😉 user. I don’t want to be, it just seems necessary. My texts and emails are filled with too much sarcasm, kidding around and phrasing that requires the old wink, wink.

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