Me Likey Monday 03/17/14

What I’m eating, listening to, laughing at, sweating through and loving on this week’s Me Likey Monday.

1. Irish eyes: Happy St. Patty’s Day, leprechauns! To celebrate, we ran 11 miles – 4 of them with a few thousand of my closest Kansas Citians at the Westport St. Patrick’s Day Run! Then we went to the parade in Brookside. And by “went to the parade”, I mean drank beer on a bar patio that was near the parade. And by near, I mean, we couldn’t even see the parade. So really, we were just day drinking. It’s fine. And yes, my arm sleeves are appropriately holidayed.


2. Twitter giggles: I get a email of the funniest tweets from the week. It’s funny ’cause it’s true.


3. Beats by Brits: Have you heard of Crystal Fighters? I just discovered them and they keep surprising me. Their song Plage – currently in a Target commercial – is very beachy, light and airy. At Home has choral vocals, a lot of guitar and a bit of electronica. You & I is just fun with drums and guitar. Love is All I Got is all synthesizer and electronica. Isn’t that crazy?! Those Brits, man. They know how to do things.

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4. Breakfast on the go: In case you missed it – which clearly isn’t possible because you are religiously checking the blog for updates – check out my easy, healthy and portable Baked Egg and Sweet Potato Cups.


5. Pumped up kicks: Remember when I told you that I bought 4 pairs of shoes in one week? It might have been six. Okay. It was six. But two were for Booka and Lil Lil. And they were all on SUPER, DUPER sale. Aaaaand I have a problem. That’s the first step to recovery, right? I think the Pumas are my favorite. Which ones do you like?


6. I believe: It’s soccer season again, and Sporting KC has a cup to defend! We caught the home opener Saturday night and had great seats behind the goal. The weather was GORGEOUS, and the company even better. And I drank a 24 oz of Miller Lite in a tall can like a classy lady.


7. Hey stik, you’re quik: You know when you are changing your bike tire, and you have to use those three plastic levers, wriggling them all around the wheel, scraping your knuckles and swearing that there has to be an easier way? Well there is. After a very informative evening of learning at Bike Source Friday night, I was introduced to the Quik Stik. It’s 6 in long, so you won’t leave your finger skin on the spokes. And it’s easy to grip, so you can pull that tire all the way around the rim. Check out this video – it’s so easy, it’s sick.

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Are you celebrating St. Patty’s Day?

Have you used a Quik Stik?

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