Me Likey Monday 10/21/13

This week’s Me Likey Monday spans two weeks, since I was hobnobbing in Chicago last week. Double the flavor, double the fun!

1. RUNch. Chicago Style: There were so many great moments in our weekend in the Windy City. The gorgeous morning run along Lake Shore where we met an adorable power couple; getting conned into taking $15 espresso tequila shots; PR’ing in a great race; dancing, laughing and getting 20 minutes of sleep on Saturday night; games on trains; BYOWIACC (that’s Bring Your Own Wine in a Coffee Cup) to every restaurant – the list goes on. Sometimes, a weekend away with the girls is all you need.RUNch-chicago-collage.jpg

2. GOT LipReading?: Winter’s coming. And so is a little pee, because that’s what is going to happen when you watch this video. It’s that funny.


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3. New Toys: Something tragic happened during the Bike MS weekend. I lost my bike computer. My 7 year old, no cadence-reading, clunky, short-circuiting computer. I’m pretty broken up about it, so I cheered myself up by buying the new Cateye 410. It’s like when my turtle Shaggy Lettuce White ran away so we had to buy a new, fancier, wireless turtle. Whatever gets you through.

4. Athletic Supporter: I had the pleasure of catching a Sporting KC game with coworkers from our company suite on Friday. At one point, I may or may not have accidentally found my way into the locker room…”You mean this ISN’T the way to Dippin’ Dots? My bad.” It was a great night of futbol, friends and fancy Danish goalies.sporting-kc-collage.jpg

5. Voice of an Angel: This young man’s rendition of the old church hymn “I Need Thee Every Hour” is…beautiful doesn’t cover it. He harmonizes with himself in 12 different ways – it’s amazing and a true definition of praise. Amen!

6. Feet. I hate them: I have since the beginning of time. Big Sis used to torture me by putting her bare plates of meat on me when we watched TV. Even worse than feet is floppy socks. You know what I mean. When someone (usually a dirty little teenage boy) can’t be bothered to pull their sock back up after it’s wiggled it’s way down the toes and is just kind of floppin’ around…belch… I’m getting nauseous just typing this. Anyway. Here’s the kicker (ha! get it? feet? kicker?) I LOVE having MY feet rubbed. It’s not fair. I know. Don’t care. So when my friend suggested we go to Imperial Foot Care on Saturday for a post-race massage, I was all for it. No matter that it’s open until midnight and has a seedy neon sign. It was the BEST I’ve ever had. I seriously can’t stop thinking about it. Like in a “drive-by your house to see if you are home because you haven’t called me back yet” kinda way. I’m in love.

7. Dreamy Drumsticks: Can we talk about this Chicken Leg Pillow by Aufschnitt Berlin for a second? I’m not sure if I should be horrified or hungry.  They also sell a blood sausage body pillow, but this isn’t that kinda blog. Is it weird that I want to snuggle up with this pollo pillow and watch The Biggest Loser?drumstick-pillow.jpg

8. What’s Cookin: The recipe page was updated this week with the newest creations from the Fiterature Kitchen. We added Better then Caramel Apple Dip and an easy roasted veggie recipe. Jump over and check it out!caramel_dip.JPG

9. Rock n Roll: It’s no secret that I love music. While I dig being an awesome hipster by listening to bands you’ve never heard of, I’m also the first to tell you that my favorite band was, is and always will be the one and only Barenaked Ladies. Our relationship started as a silly high school crush and has blossomed into a mature and sophisticated partnership of mutual love and respect for making complete and total fools of ourselves. So to counter balance the giggly BNL concert on Thursday, I also saw the angsty, dreadlocked, man-can’t-keep-me-down pipes of the brooding Citizen Cope. What can I say, I’m well rounded.concert-collage.jpg

10. Pump it Up: Since I started training for the Bike MS earlier this summer, I have put strength training aside. I focused on cycling and cross-trained with running. Now that the big ride is over, I”m ready to get back at it and this list of Top 5 Exercises Everybody Should Be Doing was a great way to kick it off. See you in the gym!

What is your favorite band?

Where did you go on your last vacation?



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