Me Likey Monday 10/28/13

Maybe I speak for myself, but Me Likey Monday! Did you know that most of us don’t smile on Mondays until 11:16 a.m.? 11:16 a.m!! That is several hours of your face being a worthless bum. I know you’re tired. I know you just had 48 showerless hours of elastic waistbands and you’re mad that you have to be a grownup again. But here’s the thing: it takes WAY more energy and effort to be Complainy Carol or Grumpy Gus than it does to be Positive Polly. - The worst part of my Mondays is hearing you complain about Mondays So cheer up, buttercup! It’s a new week – own it.

1. This is your chance, don’t blow it: Did someone say OWN IT? I have to share this amazing song with you. Back when I worked as a producer for a visual fx company, we designed the opening title sequence on a show for the Oprah Winfrey Network called “Your OWN Show“. Contestants competed to have their own talk show on Oprah’s network. Will I Am provided the song, and it’s a ridiculous ball of cheese. And we had to listen to it over and over and over and over for weeks. It was painful. So now, whenever my team gets down about a project, I remind them to OWN It and blare this song at full volume. Not obnixous at all. Motivating. You’re welcome. (my favorite part starts at 1:08)

2. 3 for 10: I get a C- when it comes to this list of 10 Runs Every American Must Do. I’ve run Chicago’s Lakefront Trail, The Strand and the Vegas Strip. While I’ve walked the Golden Gate Bridge and Rim Trail, running it is just different. Who wants to start checking these spots off the list with me?

chicago-lakefront-runch{RUNch, checkin’ out the Lakeshore view}

3. Kick It Up a Notch: I love this no-equipment required 10x10x10 workout from Angela. It gets your heart pumping and is a great overall body workout. So back away from Orange is the New Black and tune into Sweaty is the New Not Sweaty.

4. Giggler Wigglers: Feeling blue or just want to restore your faith in humanity? Go watch some 4 year olds play soccer. A bunch of giggly, snotty munchkins bounce off each other in an attempt to kick (or pick up and steal) a ball bigger than their head. Doesn’t matter which way, doesn’t matter how far. The only goal is to not fall down. And if they do, the reaction must be uncontrollable laughter or spontaneous tears until someone hugs them. When I act like that, people just tell me to put down the tequila.


{Mass. Chaos.}

5. 60% Depressed, 40% Indifferent: Can someone please get this girl a hairbrush and a smile? What’s the matter darling, is standing there soulless getting in the way of your “I’m too cool to care” facial expression practice? Will wearing these clothes make me sad, is that what this company is trying to tell me? “Feel and look your worst in our 100% cashmere sweater.” Where do I sign?


6. Someone’s Gotta Watch the White Sports, Seth: SNL introduced their new cast members a few weeks ago and while I have high hopes for them, the alum’s have the best skits right now. My faves being the Infomercial Girls and of course, Drunk Uncle. The show won’t be the same without Weekend Update’s Seth Meyers, who will be leaving SNL to start The Late Show with Seth Meyers (catchy) as Jimmy Fallon moves over to The Tonight Show. I love you, Seth!

7. We Are Family: I jetted over to Jefferson City this weekend to see The Bestie. Little did I know I would be witness to a HUGE, MAJOR, WONDERFUL family announcement while I was there! Bestie is going to be an Aunt (again)! It was great to be around for my 2nd family’s celebration. We also got in much needed girl time – yoga, running, wine, cow petting, dessert and lots (and lots) of laughing! Love her.


8. The Lone Bellow: I saw these guys last night at KC’s Knuckleheads Honky Tonk. Ever since I saw them open for Brandi Carlile, I’ve loved them. It was an amazing, intimate show. Check ’em out!

9. Oh Yeaaaaa: I leave you with this GIF of Andy Reid as the Kool-Aid man that will make you very, very happy. And if you don’t know who the Kool-Aid man is, you are way too young and need to google it stat. 7-0, baby (at the time of this publishing)!



Where have you run that should be added to the list?

What is your favorite SNL character, old or new?

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8 thoughts on “Me Likey Monday 10/28/13

  1. I smiled at about 9:15 this morning thanks to a really good friend. Man I love that chick!! ;o) I agree with NY. Must go. That soccer pic is funny to me!!

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