Me Likey Monday 11/18/13

I’m writing this week’s Me Likey Monday in a hurry because there’s a Chief’s game in mere minutes! And in case you aren’t paying attention, we have the best record in the league. 9-0, baby! And we’re playing the Broncos who are 8-1. Oooooooh, it’s gonna be good.

Here are a few other reasons to cheer this week:

1. Raise Your Glass:  I could literally dedicate this entire post to the P!nk concert, it was that good. Her abs, her vocals, her high-flying sumersaults, the fact that I was 5 feet away, her giggle when her pants fell down, her shirtless dancers, her little girl, the stranger we hugged, the mean usher that I won over. So. Much. Awesomeness. Her most recent album, The Truth About Love, was the soundtrack to my summer. It’s like she crawled inside my head, listened for a few days, then came out and wrote a bunch of songs. If you haven’t heard her latest stuff, it’s not all party songs. Imagine: P!nk, a piano center stage and this ballad, The Great Escape. P!nk is a strong, fierce, gentle, funny woman and she put on the best live show I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t a concert, it was a performance. And Ashley and I had a blast! pink-collage

2. Wait. WHAT? I’m sure the iPhone comes with an owner’s manual, but who’s got time for that? This video of iPhone Tips To Change Your Life shows you secrets you need to know. Get ready for several, “Seriously?!” moments. Enjoy.

3. Good Lookin’ Out: I had a crazy week at work, and my team knew it. So they delivered these beauties to me when it was looking like a late night on Friday. I think I love them. My team. Not the beer. Ok. The beer. But my peeps are cool, too.

nutcracker-beer4. Hurts So Good: Runner’s World does it again. I started two of my days this week with their Power Yoga for Runners. It was amazing. The IT band and hammie stretches are BOMB for runners, cyclists, parents that carry around kids, people who sit at desks and basically anyone who does anything ever.

5. Hit ‘Em With a Little Bit a Crazy: Spotify’s new Twitter #music app (or is it Twitter #music’s Spotify app? Whatever.) gives you a list of songs and artists trending on social media, with categories ranging from Superstars (if you haven’t heard of them, you’re obviously dead or Amish) to Unearthed (so hip, only dudes with handlebar mustaches have heard of them). I came across the band Great Good Fine Ok and their song “You’re the One For Me.” I love it. I’d link to the video, but it’s a chick making a ridiculous sandwich and it makes me uncomfortable. Almost as uncomfortable as the Black Hole Sun video, but in a REALLY different way. If you google either of those, you’ve been warned.

6. Set the Standard: Several years ago, I came across Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements. I tacked them up in my office, and they’ve stayed with me. While these principles are important to remember in every day life, I especially keep them front of mind in my professional life. This week I had several opportunities to react with negativity, impatience and frustration, and The Four Agreements helped to keep my attitude in check. People are always watching and if I can be the better example in a situation, I’ve done my job.


7. I Object!: Ashley’s husband Pat won a big case this week, so I met them and their lawyery friends for celebratory drinks on Friday night. Nothing says “Congrats” like a bartender who does magic and gives you free shots. I am SUPER skeptical about magic. I’m “that girl” in the room who keeps saying, “Hold up. Do that again.” because I’m convinced I can figure out the secret. I couldn’t. Bartender for the win.


8. Eat the Chocolate: Ok. We’re friends, right? So I’m just going to say it. I. Hate. Pinterest. Ahhh. Maaaannn. That felt good. It makes me feel so inadequate as a human being and I promise your three year old has NO idea nor does she care that you made her cupcakes out of handmade hair bows that look like princess castles wrapped in twine, or some crap. On that note, here are some Pinterest-worthy recipes, humiliated. It’s hilarious because it’s true. You’re welcome.

What is one really trendy thing you just can’t stand?

What’s the best concert you’ve been to?

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