Me Likey Monday 1/19/15

What I’m eating, listening to, laughing at, sweating through and loving on this week’s Me Likey Monday.

It’s the first MLM of 2015! There is so much I am excited about right now that it was tough to keep this list short, but we all have better things to do, don’t we? Like check the TSA on Instagram. I mean. Are you SEEING THIS ISH? “Of course you can bring your favorite sharpened sickle onto this commercial airplane, sir. Please, come on through. Would you prefer to sit next to the pilot while you drink your mimosa?”

Own this Monday, friends!

1. This girl can: This new “This Girl Can” TV spot by Sport England was launched to get more women and girls active. It illustrates why I love the athletic women in my life. We are tall and small, thin and jiggly, sweaty and easily cold, funny and emotional, busy moms and corporate hot shots. We are equally strong and weak, dark and light, a beautiful mess and perfectly poised.

 2. Love for the ginger: I try to incorporate ginger into my diet when I can because of its natural healing properties. The herb can be used to calm stomachs, relieve upper respiratory tract infections, reduces colon inflammation and ease exercise-induced muscle pain, menstrual cramps and migraines. My latest fave: Freeze ginger and throw it in the blender with frozen bananas, blueberries, kale and almond milk, chia seeds, honey and cinnamon. Oh. My. Zing!

3. Does a body good: I’m obsessed with this shirt. It’s soft, wicking and supes adorbes. Check out my full Saucony running gear review for more deets.


4. Take a knee: Does anyone know Tim Tebow, like personally? I’m for serious. I want to invite him to eat foods with me. Because of his foundation. And his humility. And OMG his gentleness. And this giggle. I believe in us, and us can make this happen.

5. HIIT me: It’s cold, which means running outside might not be an option for you. Well. After I tell you to quitcho whining and hit the pavement, I will share my new favorite 20 minute treadmill workout. Most treadmill workouts are so boring, sometimes I trip myself and crash violently to the ground just to spice things up. You are welcome that this is not that workout.


6. I’ll walk through fire to save my life: You guys already know my love for my girl Sia, but her new song, “Elastic Heart”, hit me deeper than any of her others. The body language and lyrics around the tug-of-war of the heart. Phew—I’m with ya, sister friend. And I couldn’t be happier with the conversations around the video–some critics crying child abuse. Well, I don’t see it that way. Like this Fader article, I see this video as depicting “the inner strength of a woman through the medium of a 12-year old girl (Maddie Ziegler) with enough talent and power to battle a grown man”. The writer, Aimee Cliff, goes on to say that if you are feeling “icky” about liking this video, “try redirecting your ickiness towards the videos that set us up to automatically objectify female bodies.” She cites videos like “Blurred Lines”, “Uptown Funk” and “Thinking Out Loud” – I am intentionally not linking to them. Then she closes with, “Look at the world we’ve built around them: if anything about … Maddie’s appearance on our pop cultural landscape is unsettling, we need to accept that that’s our bad.” Drop the mic.

7. Sunny side of life: It was 60 degrees yesterday! In January! So Jenny and I went for a bike ride through the city, and it was beautiful. I love my special one-on-one bike rides with this cutie pie. Hills are stupid though, just so we’re clear.


8. These boots are made for bleachers: Is this not the most beautiful photograph of my babies?! Lil Kathy took it —she and Em Em Dub are visiting Big Sis and the fam. They look so happy and healthy!! Okay, so you can’t really tell that they are happy but they look super hard core running those bleachers and Coach Wallin from high school volleyball brainwashed me into thinking bleachers are awesome so one can only assume that Booka and Lil Lil are happy doing them, especially Lil Lil because she is killing it in pink cowboy boots like. a. boss.



What is your favorite way to use ginger?

Tell me a new-to-you workout that you are loving.

Do you happen to know Tim Tebow’s digits? Asking for a friend.

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