Me Likey Monday 1/26/15

What I’m eating, listening to, laughing at, sweating through and loving on this week’s Me Likey Monday.

1.The total tank: If you saw the same girl every time you went to the gym wearing the same shirt, would that be weird? Because I don’t want to wear anything else but this new Athleta muscle tank. The Shanti Jaspe Tank – you guys. It hangs loose, but not so loose that it ends up around your neck during downward dog. It’s long in the torso and covers my butt, which pairs perfectly with leggings, the capped sleeves flatter those sculpted shoulders of yours, and it is so freaking soft. Bonus: It’s on sale. If you don’t get one … then … well … you won’t have one.

Shanti Jaspe Tank - Dress Blue Heather

2. And jelly, and jelly: How this Peanut Butter recipe roundup from Fitfluential did not break the internet boggles me. All of the peanut butters in all of the ways makes me wanna day-unce! And eat peanut butter, because duh.

3. Will not be stopped: I came across this Mexican proverb, and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. Get back up. Every time.



4. Sharpen lives: Someone is doing incredible things in my community, and I couldn’t be prouder. Travis and Lis at Shear Dimensions in Olathe, KS are blessing our neighbors through a service I take for granted – haircuts. A pay it forward salon, you come in for services and pay what you can, if you can. I simply love this. Check them out.

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5. Knitters gonna knit: I’m a knitter!! I’m going to knit all of the things! Legwarmers! Slouchy hats! Chunky scarves! Christmas sweaters! When I say “knit”, I use that term loosely. My gal pal Cheryl came over on Saturday and she taught me how to clack the needles. I am horrible at it and Cheryl is such a good liar because she kept looking at my “scarf” and saying, “It looks so good for your first try.” Which means, “Oh my word, what have you done in the name of yarns?!” Whatever, knitting is super cool.


6. We run on coffee: This is what every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 6:47 a.m. looks like for me. Even in these freezing temps, my peeps and I are up for a 4 mile run, then we sit and have coffee, laugh, tell stories and sometimes eat Amber’s granola. This week we had a little celebration for three friends that were heading to New Orleans for their first marathon. Every week I am reminded how so, so rare it is to have such a supportive, motivating, strong and diverse group of people in my life. I am hashtag blessed. *Also, dude is my bud Zach. He owns Crows Coffee in Kansas City and you have to go there. It’s bomb. Zach, I’ll pick up my check for that plug on Thursday mkaythanksbye.


7. Gotta keep my balance: You guys know I love music. All kinds. So when the opportunity came up to produce short films for a volunteer advertising campaign involving local musicians, I was all over it. Donate my time for the sake of music? YES. I have met so many great artists and discovered Kansas City sounds that have knocked my socks off. Like Janelle Monae’s Tightrope. I mean, WHAT. This girl is amazing, and from KC! She’s been on full rotation this week.

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We’ve almost made it through January – hooray! Finish it out with a bang!

Do you knit, or anything else crafty?

What is your favorite peanut butter related food? 

How did you “get back up” this week? 

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