Me Likey Monday 2/10/14

What I’m eating, listening to, laughing at, sweating through and loving on this week’s Me Likey Monday.

This week’s Me Likey Monday oughtta be somethin’ special, because the girl who rarely partakes in Western medicine is hopped up on generic Vicodin. Strap in, folks!!

1. Just call me ol’ leaky eye: I had surgery on Friday to repair my clogged eye drains. I had shingles in my right looker a few years ago, and apparently it lovingly left behind some scar tissue as a momento. So in go some shents (like the ones you put in a heart) and after 2 months, we finally get to say goodbye to ol’ leaky eye. Lil Kathy flew in to be my nurse and she brings cookies. I like her.eye-patch

{Finally putting this worthless Lululemon headband to use.}

2. Snow day: We got hit with a pretty big snow storm this week, so I hunkered down at home and watched the beauty unfold from my window. A snow day! I was going to be so productive – I woke up, did sun salutations, took a conference call, made breakfast, threw in a load of laundry, did some editing, watched several sorry suckers spin their wheels deeper into the snow, reviewed a video, took another call. Feeling pretty proud of my full day of accomplishments, I sauntered over to the freezer to pull out something for dinner when I saw it. The oven clock. It said 9:21. As in AM. What the what. #NeverEndingDay


3. Hi, my name is I Don’t Lose: Apparently my neighbors were feeling a bit stir crazy too, because halfway through day two of #snowmageddon, an SOS went out to meet in the social room for dinner and games. Leave it to me and my competitiveness to make a darling first impression. “Hi, nice to meet all of you, I’m Megan. I like running, peanut butter, The Black Keys and beating you at cards while eating the food you made. Have a nice night, oh and did I say it was nice meeting you?” Welp. At least they won’t forget me?


4. What is love? Have you ever wondered what love looks like? I KNOW what love looks like, because my Grandpa and Grandma Strahan were the picture of it. Married for over 60 years, they were so sweet, supportive and funny towards one another up until the day my grandpa died. They took care of each other unconditionally and not out of obligation of vows or to get something in return but because, as the man in this video mentions, it was a privilege to do so for the one they loved. THAT is love, in my book.

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5. Whatcha eatin’? Trying to stay on track with your meals? Smartphone apps are a great way to keep that info at your fingertips, and gives you something to do when you are pretending to be totally secure while standing in line at Starbucks alone. Check out my post of the best free calorie counter apps to live healthy over at Bargain Babe.

6. When you plead: I wasn’t super impressed with the Super Bowl ads this year, but I did discover some great new music! This Chevy ad features the gorgeous vocals of Ane Brun from Norway. Her sound is so unique – love it. I also love how she’s all “Who needs two n’s in my name? That’s a waste of time. It’s Ane. One n. Deal.”

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7. I just wanna dance: Why NOT go see dance theater while on pain meds? Lil Kathy, Amber and I spent Saturday evening at the Kauffman Center with the Storling Dance Theater company. They performed Underground, the story of slavery and the underground railroad through modern dance. It was beautiful, emotional and a great way to celebrate Black History Month. So what if I kept yelling, “When does Beyonce come out??!”


Have a great week, friends. And I’m probably not going to use all this Vicodin up and I like to share, so hit me up and we’ll make a night of it.

What was your favorite super bowl commercial?

Have you ever done / said anything embarrassing while under anesthesia?

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8 thoughts on “Me Likey Monday 2/10/14

  1. I love the video! It made me cry, of course, but such a beautiful story.

    I thought the Super Bowl commercials were just ho-hum this year. I did enjoy the Chevy commercial you talk about above though. It was unexpectedly touching for an advertisement for trucks.

    My only anesthesia experience was post-oral surgery and I’m told I muttered about milk shakes a lot. Glad your surgery was a success!

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