Me Likey Monday 3/24/14

What I’m eating, listening to, laughing at, sweating through and loving on this week’s Me Likey Monday.

If I could sum up this week in one word, it would be … sweaty. Howboutchu?

1. Sweat #1: The week started with a killer workout from Jenny, my dear friend and trainer extraordinaire. She made me do horrible, terrible things like BOSU slider hamstring curls, TRX chest press and weighted sled push. Lets just say brushing my hair and standing up off the toilet were challenges for a few days. And yes, I brush my hair on the toilet. I also play Words with Friends and may or may not be typing this post from the throne, as well.  You’ll neeeevvvveeeerrrrrr knooooowwwwwww.


2. I just lowered my…GMOs: Did you hear that your Cheerios are changing? Yep. General Mills has modified their recipe to remove any genetically modified ingredients (GMO’s) from their cereals. Now learn the facts before you get excited. GM isn’t offering a non-GMO version in addition to the original – it’s ALL they are offering. At a higher price, and with less of some important ingredients like vitamins A, D, B2 and B12. Plus, Cheerios original had 0% saturated fat and now Cheerios non-GMO has 3% saturated fat. Thanks for Forbes for giving me the scoop so I can decide for myself if keeping their products in my diet is a good idea.

3. Sweat #2: Remember that time you sweat so hard that after you showered you needed another shower to shower off the post-shower sweat? Welcome to my Tuesday. I mean. My eyelids were sweating. And here’s where I’m going to share a little secret with you. e.l.f. Lock & Seal. I mix a drop of the liquid with my eye shadow for smudge and sweat proof coverage all day so I don’t look like a drunk clown. It’s amazing and costs $3. I’m serious.


4. Because I’m…: Thursday was the first day of spring and the International Day of Happiness. So in honor, here’s Pharrell’s latest shoulder-shaker, Happy. If this song doesn’t make you smile, you are dead inside.

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5. JIMIT: For the past month, I have been partaking in the “John Is My Inspiration, Too” challenge. John is my coworker and he gave up processed sugar for 30 days. As a lady who will not be one-upped, obviously I had to try it. I’m proud to say I MADE IT – today is day 31! Woot! How’d I do it? Lots of frozen grapes. They are insanely delicious. Cold, sweet, creamy and a great way to satisfy my craving. 41 people over at wikihelp collaborated for this elaborate 5 step plan to make frozen grapes. My recipe has two steps: Buy grapes. Freeze grapes. You decide which one you want to follow, friends. Don’t overthink it, love.


6. Sweat #3: One word for Saturday’s 13 miler. Hilly windy cold long sweaty. So, so sweaty. And hilly. Did I say hilly? Pretty much 13 miles of gross hills on Lee Boulevard. And I’m super smart and wore brand new shoes. But itdusenevunmadur because they were Brooks PureFlow 2, so they were perfectly comfortable, supportive and fast. And they made me look veteran status. I heart Brooks. I heart them hard.brooks-pure-flow7. Yup, that sword is wet: Funny dads are my favorite. Probably because I have one. But seriously, being a parent has to be the most ridiculous job on the planet. So I really appreciate when moms and dads don’t take it oh-so-seriously. Like this baby daddy graphic designer. He turned the weird stuff he’s said as a parent and turned it into art. 


Gimme one word to describe your week.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever said as a parent (or human)?

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3 thoughts on “Me Likey Monday 3/24/14

  1. Megan, I LOVE frozen grapes! I’ve been doing that for a few years, normally during the summer, and I’ve turned several of my friends on to it too. I like to put them in summer spritzers as the “ice cubes” too so drinks don’t get so watery. 🙂 Also, YES! I’ve gotten out of the shower and feel like I’m still sweating. YUCK! I really hate it when I dry/straighten my hair. Ewww, no fun! 🙂 Glad I’m not the only one!

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