Me Likey Monday 3/31/14

What I’m eating, listening to, laughing at, sweating through and loving on this week’s Me Likey Monday.

How about we spend this week’s MLM by looking at some fun pictures!?? Even if you’re not in the mood, I am. So there.

1. Sweet feet: My week started off by giggling with my sweet Lil Lil and Big Sis. Lil Lil showed off the new shoes I bought her, we sang songs together and then she ran around in circles yelling, “On your mark. Get set. GO!” Oh. And there was snorting. Lots of snorting. Girls after my own heart.

IMG_07742. Quote of compromise: I saw this quote on STUFT Mama’s instagram feed and loved it. Janis Joplin had it right – if we aren’t good to ourselves, why should anyone else be?


3. Sippin’ seeds: A few weeks ago, I took a class on Ayurvedic medicine, specifically the healing and therapeutic qualities of essential oils and herbs. What I learned will soon take up an entire post, but I want to share my newest obsession – cardamom coffee! Just a pinch of ground cardamom mixed in my coffee beans brews a flavorful, robust cup. The health benefits of cardamom go on and on – it can prevent cancer, lower blood pressure, help digestion, works as an antidepressant, has anti-inflammatory properties and can even be an aphrodisiac. Plus, cardamom is fun to say. Card-aaaaa-mommmmm.


4. Vintage wheels: The weather this weekend was gorgeous, so I hopped on my baby – Sweet Dreams Huffy – and met some friends at The Flying Saucer downtown for a little trivia for a cause. So….this bike weighs about 1,000 lbs. Good thing the rad splatter paint makes up for it. Yep. I said splatter paint. I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.

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5. We don’t know things: So remember that time I said I rode my bike to play trivia for a cause? My friend and neighbor Katy hosted an afternoon of trivia to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I played with these sexy broads. We lost trivia hard, but won a free Jimmy John’s sammy. So….I call that a success.


6. Spare donuts: In high school, whenever Em Em Dub would take my Vee Dub, Fuego, to our mechanic, he would have Lil Kathy bake her famous chocolate chip cookies to bring along. I loved watching the faces light up when we walked in the door. Everyone knew his name and to Em Em Dub, this meant our cars were getting a bit more attention and care. I carried this tradition on to my mechanic and bring donuts every time I come by. And this week I walked in to “Hey! It’s Megan!” I knew Em Em Dub would be proud and that Levi was in great hands for another oil change. Is it weird that since I am not eating processed sugar, I made my mechanic describe every single bite? Totally not weird.


What is something you watched your parents do, and now do yourself?

Do you use essential oils or herbs?

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8 thoughts on “Me Likey Monday 3/31/14

  1. My bike is an old 92 model! Clunky and heavy but it goes downhill really nice!

    If you’re getting into Cardamom you should check out some ethiopian coffee and tea recipes! I’m working on a tea recipe with it I’ll send it once I feel its ready for public consumption. The coffee, I haven’t had shining success with quite yet :/

  2. Super cute bike, my sis would love that! She has a vintage-ish bike and lives in Dallas and she loves be-boppin’ around on the weekends.
    I haven’t been to very many places down town to eat but I really love The Flying Saucer. The atmosphere is SO fun, especially when they get the windows opened up and the breeze rolls in. Love!
    I’ve never tried cardamom in my coffee although I have baked with it. I do sprinkle cinnamon in my coffee almost everyday though. Especially at Panera Bread; love when coffee shops put it out!
    Hmmmm, I’m sure I do LOTS of things my parents do, but I can’t think of anything interesting. And I don’t use essential oils, but I AM making my own homemade fruit leather as we speak…..does the count? 🙂
    Cookin’ Cowgirl – Stephanie recently posted..Now on BlogLovin’!My Profile

  3. I used to have that bike! Really takes me back.

    Sweet Lil Lil is just about as cute as can be. She looks very excited about her new shoes. Great job, Aunt Meg!

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