Me Likey Monday 3/9/15

What I’m eating, listening to, laughing at, sweating through and loving on this week’s Me Likey Monday.

Hopefully everyone fed your kids / made it to work on time today considering we lost an hour due to Daylight Savings. And if you didn’t realize it was DST this weekend, well then … go to work right now because you are late. Oh and probably throw a banana in the direction of your small human.

1. Salt of the earth: I cannot get enough of unexpected salt. Salted Oreo ice cream (I. Know.) Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels (I. Know.) And these: The Salted Caramel Protein Balls I just made. They are bonkers. Recipe to come, pinky swear. salted-caramel-protein-balls


2. Sleep tight: Did you know that it is okay to rest? This week, I ran once. I did not yoga. And no weights were lifted by these muscles (except for the weight of floss to mouth because I do that now after some dental shaming. Thanks, Doc Brown.) After a LONG stretch of working out 5 days a week, I took a break. And you know what? I didn’t die. So there’s that. Back at it this week, though, dog. Gotta get my swole on. (photo cred: @kaleandeggs)



3. Spring fever: You guys. It’s baseball season. Spring Training has officially begun which means my brand new Cardinals flag is a’ flyin’!!! REPRESENT! Ntz. Ntz. Ntz.



5. Oil me up: In case you missed Fridays post, I have the best skin of my life thanks to cleansing and moisturizing with essential oils. Check out the benefits of oils for your face, and get that glow!

6. Dinner time!: Stumped for what to make for dinner this week? Check out MSN’s 75 Healthy Dinner recipes. There are some amazing flavor combos on this list! I love it.

7. Warm it up: You know it’s warming up when THIS MANY people show up for Saturday’s long run. Look at these smiling faces! The weather, the trail and the people were gorgeous! I am so lucky to get to complain about hills and speed work for 10 miles to these ears. You are welcome, guys.



8. In my head I say I wish you well: I just bought Middle of the Map Fest tickets and I am SO excited for this guy – Sean Rowe. He has the voice of Marvin Gaye, but he’s this big, white, beardy, Southern California rocker. He’s my favorite. And he’s hilarious. And he has my last name on his tshirt. If this video for the song Desiree doesn’t make you laugh and dance in your seat, then you are dead inside.

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What is your favorite unique ice cream flavor? 

Do you take rest days / weeks? 

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2 thoughts on “Me Likey Monday 3/9/15

  1. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor… Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

    Rest days, yes. I try to not give myself more than 3 rest days though…because then I feel like I’m starting over (and I get insomnia when I don’t work out).

    Like right now………. 🙂

    P.S. I’m excited to try these protein ball recipe’s you have been posting AND I am going to make an appearance this week at RUNCH!!!!!! Miss you gals so much!

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