Me Likey Monday 4/27/15

What I’m eating, listening to, laughing at, sweating through and loving on this week’s Me Likey Monday.

I’ve been out of town the last few weeks, so today’s MLM will be short and sweet – but I think you’ll be okay.

1. Sebastian and the Gilmore Girls: I stumbled across Matt Christensen’s little project Excuse Me, I Think You Dropped This, and it’s perfect. And would totally work on me. See, Matt claims he doesn’t have the best “game” when it comes to flirting with girls he likes. But what he does have are some killer drawing skills and a sense of humor. So when he sees a pretty girl, he draws them a picture, taps her on the shoulder and says, “Excuse me, I think you dropped this…” and waits. Doesn’t sound like he’s had much luck. YET. Creativity is hot, bro. Keep it up.

2. Down with chaps: This weekend, RUNch headed to Nashville for the Half Marathon. Wanna know what’s cool? Cowboys with guitars and tattoos that say “PAIN”. Wanna know what’s not cool? Hills. All of them up. So many ups. Nooo noooo nooo nooo. Still, running is my favorite way to see a new city!


3. Happy feet: I have been struggling with some pain just below the pad on the left side of my left foot. My wise friend Kerry suggested it might be my metatarsal and I believe her because why not actual doctors are silly. She recommended Powerstep Metatarsal Relief Pads. They have given me just the relief I need – no more feeling like I am running on skark teeth. Winning.

4. Rooted: Last weekend, a gentleman wearing a Korean War hat started chatting with me at the airport about where he’d been – his 60th high school reunion. In the time it took us to walk from the terminal to the plane, he said three amazing things. 1. “This flight was expensive – Southwest is like wearing sneakers with a tuxedo!” 2. “I had the perfect one-liner, ‘With all the kids and grandkids we got, we’re surrounded by more virgins than the day we graduated!’ Didn’t seem like the right crowd so I saved it for you.” 3. (My favorite) “We spend the first half of our lives running from our roots, and the last half trying to find them.”  I moved as far away as I could from my hometown after high school, thinking I could run from the people and things that hurt me. I have a history of that – running. When I’m stressed, when I’m angry, when things get hard. But for the past few years, I’m been working on planting my feet and facing the things. It’s not easy – but so far, it’s been worth it. So he’s right – about roots. As for the virgins, I’ll tell you in another 44 years.


5. Goal kick: My beautiful friend Lisa and I enjoyed our second annual trip to the beaches of Gulf Shores, AL. It’s a great week of sleeping in, roaring waves, reading, wine, cheese, laughter and talking things through over and over (and over) until we find a solution. Then, we make goals for each other – things to work on surrounding those heartfelt talks. And we hold each other accountable for those goals. Then we kick those goal’s BUTTS. It’s not for the weak, but it comes highly recommended.


6. Matchmaker mom: I’ve already proclaimed my love for Sean Rowe and his music in a previous Me Likey Monday, so I won’t gush. BUT I met him Thursday and his heard is even better in person. AND HE CALLED ME DARLIN’. And my parents sent me individual texts messages asking if he was a new boyfriend because I posted this picture on Facebook. Actually, Lil Kathy’s exact words were, “By the way the guy on Facebook is too short.” You know who’s NOT too short, mom? Tim Tebow. Get on it. sean-rowe-me

7. How bout we just sing forever?: Speaking of great music at the Middle of the Map Fest, mom and son duo Madison Ward and the Mama Bear came on stage after Sean and rocked my socks. I’d heard a few of their songs before, but their chemistry and soulful, rich voices were beautiful. You HAVE to take a listen. Oh. And they’re from Kansas City. Of course they are.

Did you run away from or stand firm in your roots? 

What is one goal you’ve set this year? 

I’ve asked before, I’ll ask again, DO YOU KNOW TEBOW?

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  1. I love this entire post! The “excuse me, you dropped this” notes are hilarious and I agree that Kerry is a genius. So happy you ladies had a great time in Nashville! Now that you guys have scoped it out maybe you can talk me into it for next year.
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