Me Likey Monday 5/12/14

What I’m eating, listening to, laughing at, sweating through and loving on this week’s Me Likey Monday.

1.Hurts so good:  I’ve been poo-pooing Crossfit because I “heard” they ignore safe form to throw around heavy stuff like tires and Fiats. When Sara asked if I wanted to Groupon a new gym in the ‘hood, it seemed like a chance to intelligently bash it. Well. Don’t I feel silly. After a week with the really safe, smart and strong staff at Brookside Crossfit, I’m drinking the Kool-Aid. At least until my deal runs out, because that stuff’s ‘spensive and I have shoes to buy. My everything hurts. And I want more.


2. Put that away: There’s a new trend. Pilates, hula hooping, yoga. Allllll naked. I. Just. Can’t. And neither can Sara Goldstein, over at her hilarious blog Oddly Well Adjusted. A room filled with naked yoga? “First I have to fix myself a snack of lightbulbs.” Me too, Sara. Me too.

3. Just keep swimming: A few RUNchers are joining me in triathlondom (totally a word) and racing the Win for KC tri! We hired a coach to give us a private swim clinic and I was surprised to hear that my form is thumbs up. I do need to work on building my lat muscles (upper back), to pull the water stronger and get faster. We were given a GREAT new exercise to help – Swim Strokes with Resistance Bands. 3 sets of 10 and I’ll be Phelpsing … I seriously have the lats of a jellyfish. Stop laughing.

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4. Oranga glad?: Can we just talk about oranges for a sec? Every year it’s the same. All winter I see ’em in the produce aisle and I’m all “Ugh, oranges. Who do they think they are? So smug and … round and … orange. Pass.” Then the weather warms up. I nearly walk by again. Then I pause and ponder, “You know? I feel bad for the poor, neglected naranja. I’ll give ‘er a go.” I bring it home. I slice it. I’m transported to soccer games and pool parties, sticky fingers and silly smiles. Dang, oranges are SO. FRIGGIN. GOOD.  Amiright?!

orange smiles

 {Please excuse the bangs. It was a dark time.}

5. Ever take it over: You know I love music. You also know I love sharing music. This gem came from my girl Katie Finny. She and I believe that good lyrics can change your whole day. This song by Man Man has jumpy, upbeat strongs and sweet, rhythmic lyrics. Check out Head On (Hold On to Your Heart). Sorry I’m not sorry that you will be singing it under your breath later.

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6. You look hot: Another RUNcher got married! Congrats to Libby and her new poop-with-the-door-open partner Randy! It was really fun to see my ladies all dressed up and not sweaty. Wait. What am I saying. While waiting for the reception to start, we patio hopped in the heat, back and crack sweat a-plenty. I wasn’t even mad when the waitress exploded a beer on me – in fact, I Flashdanced that bad boy. We strolled into dinner looking like drowned cats the classy broads we are. But we persevered and ate cupcakes and made friends with a drunk, loud old man.


Have a fabulous week, my darlings! Say something nice to a stranger (unless you’re a child. Then do NOT talk to strangers. Or read this blog.)!!

What did you think of Man Man?

Is there a food that instantly brings back memories? 

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8 thoughts on “Me Likey Monday 5/12/14

  1. These interesting blog posts are so boring. If you write one that’s actually boring, now that would be interesting.

    Anyway, I Tough-Muddered this weekend in “Chicago” (read: Richmond, IL–about a driver and a 5-iron over the WI border and approximately 60 miles from Chicago). Have you done one, Megan? I feel like a post from you post-Mudder would be a (in the word of grandmothers everywhere) a hoot.

    • I will try to be less interesting, @Brian. Just for you!

      I have NOT tried a Tough Mudder, but any time I can get electrocuted while army-crawling through a swap with no one chasing me sounds like it would come with a lot of post material!

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