Me Likey Monday 5/5/14

What I’m eating, listening to, laughing at, sweating through and loving on this week’s Me Likey Monday.

1. Embrace-o de queso: Today is Cinco de Mayo! Most people think it’s Mexican Independence Day, but back in the days of yore (or May 5, 1862, as some call it),  the Mexican army won a darn near impossible battle against France. The Frenchies had nearly double the amount of troops, but the hombres were the victors. Thanks for giving me an excuse to drink margaritas, eat melted cheese and fire my gun on a patio, boys!

2. Surf n turf: I just got back from a fabulous ladies-only vacation to Gulf Shores, Alabama! The weather was PERFECT for ocean floating and sandy beach reading. I love girls trips. You sleep late, talk about feelings, drink lots of wine and repeatedly show your butt crack to your friends because your new suit is too small European. Or so I’ve heard.


3. Sworkit, gurl: I am loving this new app, Sworkit – you can work out anywhere! All you do is choose what part of your body to strengthen and how much time you have. Sworkit will create a custom circuit training workout using just your bodyweight. No excuses!

4. Smooches: I saw this quote in a home store and it reminded me of the personal mantra I’ve been practicing lately, “Be present.” Don’t look back on what you can’t change, don’t look forward to what you can’t control. Be present and french kiss that life o’ yours!


5. Get in my belly: Cashew Cardamom Date Balls. These happened in my house. And then they were gone. In my belly. Recipe to come and you are welcome in advance and I am sorry I am not sorry that I didn’t share.

6. This face: It’s the beautiful bestie, Ryan! I had the pleazzzzzure of seeing her this weekend. I like her because she’s smokin’ hot, likes to do stupid things with me like run and then hot yoga, she too has a shopping addiction and she’s wicked smaht. Plus she sends me valentines that look like this:

vday-cardGirl’s got mad skillz. It was a beautiful weekend in the lovely land of Jefferson City, Missouri. So it was only natural that we drank beers bigger than her husband’s muscles. And he has big. muscles. Huge. He can’t even wear shirts. But he does because he’s a gentleman.


7. Trippy tunes: Ray Lamontagne’s new LP is out and it is ALLLLLLL I’ve been listening to. You think I’m joking. Car, phone, iPod, laptop. I’m ob.sessed. with this new sound. It’s nothing like Ray’s done before. It has a very psychedelic, 60’s vibe and I lurve it. He also doesn’t have a giant beard anymore and it’s freakin’ me out, man. He has like, a face. And eyes. And stuff.

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