Me Likey Monday on Tuesday 7/1/14

What I’m eating, listening to, laughing at, sweating through and loving on this week’s Me Likey Monday

Yea. I know. I missed last week and I’m late this week. I’m posting Me Likey Monday on a Tuesday. Madness. But you know what? We’ll be fine. You know why? ‘Cause this is my blog and I do what I want.

1. The Skipper: When I worked for the LA Dodgers several years ago, I made a great friend in Tommy Lasorda. He and the Boys of Summer were in Kansas City last week, and I was happy to catch a game with him. Two of the many things I like about TL are this: everything that comes out of his mouth, I want to letterpress onto a coffee sack, frame with a white mat, hang on an even whiter wall with 47 other quotes in white frames, take a picture and put it on pinterest. “If you love your job, you haven’t worked a day in your life.” “You’ll try? I can get a truck driver to try!” “He couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat.” And two, he never says no to taking a picture or signing an autograph. He truly loves baseball fans of all ages.



2. Hot momma: My friend Monica just started a new blog for moms called “Taking Back Monday” and it’s great. It’s about taking the time to care for yourself – mind, body, soul and cute shoes! Check it out!

3. Apparently, you were born. You all know my Valentine-sending bestie, Ryan. Well. It was her birthday last week. Wanna know how I was sure? Because my phone reminded me. On four different calendars. Because you can never be too careful. Also, yes. I have four calendars. It’s a wonder I remember to pee most days.


4. Hipsters in the heat: Unless you only look at the pictures on this blog, you know I love music. Especially live music. Especially live music played outdoors. Especially live music played outdoors by dudes in old timey hats. Like Langhorne Slim and Ray Lamontagne. These two crazy hipsters can reshoe my horse while I eat food off their land any time. Wait. What?concerts-kansas-city

5. I wouldn’t joke: I made healthy cookie dough dip. Fo’ realz. It is addicting and sweet and filled with protein and you will thank me so hard and you will win the party appetizer contest and the recipe will be coming atcha later this week.



6. All of these things: Whether this is your first or your firsteenth marathon, you’ll appreciate everything The Oatmeal has to offer in The Dos and Do Nots of Running Your First Marathon. Except for “crying at things that aren’t actually that sad”. I mean, never have I ever ugly cried at mile 13 after witnessing a woman stop to pet her dog that was wearing a tiny shirt that said, “Marathons are ruff.” I mean, it was an animal in human clothing and his tail was wagging so fast and I swear he was smiling and … oh crap. Here we go again …

7. #Chicago14: A few RUNchers and I headed to Chicago for a much needed break from life. We ate, ran, el trained, baseballed and laughed our way through the city. We also learned that Megan is not to be trusted when it comes to choosing a condo and that commas are important. “…private rooftop deck with a skyline view of the city, jacuzzi bath tub” does not in fact mean there is a jacuzzi on the roof. #Details. 



8. The company I keep: Reasons I like Langhorne Slim: his scratchy voice, his tattoos, the fact that his record deal fell through but he kept on keepin’ on, his jeans-tucked-in-to-boots, his mad guitaring and his many references to his mom who loves him. Also, this song is fun.

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What is your favorite quote from a friend or family member?

Tell me about your weirdly awesome workout habit slash ritual slash side effect. 

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