Me Likey Monday 7/15/13

It was a beautiful week here in KC – filled with great friends, yummy food and fun fitness!!

1.  Rain Man: I don’t know when this Dustin Hoffman interview about being a beautiful woman was recorded, but I’d never seen it.  “There are too many interesting women I have not had the experience to know in this life because I have been brainwashed.” Sadly, I don’t think his discovery is limited to men. I know there are tons of fantastic people I will never know because I judged. That will change today.

2.  Fork, Yes: Crispy Avocado Tacos with black beans from Unforked. I crave you. And just in case you missed it, check out my delish Avococo Lime Smoothie recipe.


3.  All of These Lines Across My Face: My bestie + Brandi Carlile = an incredible evening under the stars.  Brandi put on one heck of a show and her band has SICK talent – I’m talking play the guitar with their teeth, sick.  There are few things I like more than good live music.  The hot little blonde below is one of them.  She’s my person, and I wish she lived closer.


4.  Human Hero: When I was playing volleyball competitively, Gabrielle Reece was my hero.  She was strong, powerful, beautiful and graceful.  She oozed class.  I just finished her book, My Foot is Too Big For the Glass Slipper, and I love her even more.  It shows her human side – her failures, struggles and ridic potty mouth.  It’s also filled with wisdom on marriage, health and being a mom without losing yourself.  My favorite quote: “We all have self-sabotaging mechanisms, but my desire to survive and excel is greater than my desire to shoot myself in the foot.”


5. Munchkins: It was Lil Lil’s 2nd birthday this week and we sang Itsy Bitsy Spider and practiced our jumping over Face Time.  She’s the funniest person I know.


As for Booka – to quote Big Sis: “This is everything he has lost the privilege of using since 7:30AM.” Yep. He’s officially three. Hilarious.


6. Songs for the Soul: The Lone Bellows opened for Brandi Carlile and she brought them back on stage to do their song Bleeding Out together.  It was amazing and I’m officially obsessed with their soulful, bluegrass sound. Just listen to You Never Need Nobody. Kills me.

7. Pretty Little Runners: This is what happens when sweaty, salty, stinky runners throw on some dresses and heels (or flips, if you just ran 14) – we start looking like real girls!  My RUNch ladies are SO beautiful, aren’t they?  Strong is the new skinny, folks.


8. He’s Crafty: Over two weekends, Husband made this coffee table for our patio from reclaimed fence wood and vintage hairpin legs. Isn’t it beautiful? Total cost: $37. Husband FTW. We ate taco salad on it Sunday night.  Yum.


9. Foodie Friends: Another reason I love my bestie Ryan is because she’s a veggie like me.  We share vegan truffles while walking down streets, try new vegetarian cafes, and eat peanut butter cupcakes. Then we wake up early on our day off to sweat.  Like I said, she gets me.


10.  One Beautiful Thing: I have enjoyed the revival of “Me Likey Monday”.  It makes me take time to reflect on the week and all that is beautiful in my life.  Other bloggers do this too, like Chelsey’s Fun Facts Friday and Rebecca’s The Little Things Thursdays.  Even if you don’t blog, start writing down or sharing your beautiful things.  Maybe it will catch on.


What’s one beautiful thing from your week?

What song/band are you playing on repeat these days?

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