Me Likey Monday 7/22/13

1. Fashion Forward: Admit it – you want to look cool when you run.  This “Top 10 Running Fashion Faux Pas” list from Runner’s World is spot on and perfectly timed with a convo I had via Facebook earlier this week. I especially agree with RW’s mention of shorts over tights. Why the shorts AND tights people? Would you wear suspenders AND a belt? Contacts AND glasses? A scrunchie AND a beadband? I think not. I.Think.Not.

Camelback FB Discussion

2.  This is Where You Get BBQ: This Tour of Kansas City video is highly amusing.  I don’t know what I like better, that the guy is dressed like he’s auditioning for West Side Story or like everyone else but Husband and I, he doesn’t want to stop on Troost Ave – the “bad” part of town. Hey – there’s a Captain D’s and a giant red piano for no apparent reason on Troost. You can’t KEEP me away.


3. Class-Act: The 84th MLB All Star Game was this week and the last for Mariano Rivera – one of the game’s greatest closers is retiring after this season. Not only is he respected by across the game (even Met’s fans and players gave him a standing O), as a hard worker and admired leader, but he is a man of strong faith. Mariano Rivera is a Christian and isn’t shy about there being more to save than a game. Love it.

4.  Noise Inside My Head: Wanna know why I run? This Oatmeal running cartoon says it all. And then some.

5.  Have a Nice Day: Apparently I am doing triathlons again. The convo went like this: “Hey Megan, I’m doing a sprint tri in two weeks. Wanna come?” “Sure!”. Clearly, I’m a hard sell. Yellow swim caps were required, so obviously I waited until the last minute to order mine. Luckily, Swim2000 is AWESOME, and shipped these faces to my face in three days. They rock. And so do funny swim caps. And these girls, who both killed their first triathlons.


6.  New Sheriff in Town: While we’re talking tri’s, check this Splish swimsuit I busted out during my open water training this week. Of course those are holstered guns, of course it’s ridiculous and of course it makes me faster.


7.  Freaky Friday: You know the movie A Prairie Home Companion with Lindsay Lohan? It’s based off a radio show that’s been on NPR since the beginning of time. Husband and I love listening (to the show, not Lindsay) and were pumped when we heard their Radio Romance Tour was stopping at the Starlight in KC on Friday. Aoife O’Donovan was the young lady singing and I was an instant fan because she wore her hair in a funky side braid and I dig chicks with braids. Oh, and the guy in front of us was apparently doing The Big Year.  Best of luck, sport.


8.  He’s Baaaaaaaack: I was browsing RedBox when I saw this. I assumed the Second Coming would be a bit more dramatic than a vague reference on a website where you can pick up BluRay’s at McDonald’s, but I’m not good at planning large parties, so what do I know?


9.  Small-town Love: I ran in to the bakery around the corner this week to pick up coffee cake for work. I forgot they only take cash and when I turned to leave without my cake, the owner said, “Oh, it’s ok! Choose whatever you’d like, and just pay me next time you are around. I won’t even write your name down.” I was completely taken aback and think I muttered something along the lines of “Mayberry…chivalry…fuzzy…niner…unicorn…thank you”, because that kind of thing just doesn’t happen anymore.  Needless to say, McLain’s Bakery earned my business and I purchased six of everything you see before you.  Did I just get Jedi mind tricked? Crap.


10.  I’m Thrifty: I was recently hired as a Staff Writer on  I will have my own money-saving post every Friday – check out the first post, 10 Tips for Healthy Eating on a Budget. Keep reading!  Bargain Babe is a fantastic resource!


Answer one of these questions for me in the space below – I love hearing from ya!

What is your biggest fashion pet-peeve?

If you run, why?

Will you bake and send me ANYTHING in that picture?

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7 thoughts on “Me Likey Monday 7/22/13

  1. 1. Pet Peeve – socks with sandals!!!
    2. I run for my sanity and time with my friends.
    3. I won’t be baking anything in that picture. However, there might be chocolate chip cookies in your future…

  2. 1. Pet Peeve: Pants over shorts where the top pair of pants sits just below your butt leaving the shorts underneath (undies?) exposed. What the what?
    2. I run to hang out with these cool chicks I know.
    3. Is it paleo? 😉

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