Me Likey Monday 7/29/13

How in the world is it almost August?  I just realized that all of my “once it’s summer” plans apparently need to happen in like 3 weeks. Oops. For now, here’s stuff I like from the week.

1. Nice Chucks: I may or may not have bought this pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Season Slip Ox. Okay, I did. And I may or may not have bought them so I could be cool like Debra Morgan on Dexter. Okay, I did.


2. My Hair Did: My hair is getting longer thicker, so I got a trim this week (peace out, My Miserables Hair)! I love my stylist Vincent because he tells me about Chainlove and sultry summer hairstyles all in one visit. What other man in my life does this?  None I tell you.

3. Humble Passion: I had to give a presentation this week to my team at work, and I chose to talk about passion and inspiration. I showed them a few minutes from a video of Mr. Fred Rogers presenting his case to Senate about why funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is important and should NOT be cut.What I loved was that Mr. Rogers didn’t grandstand, shout or brag. He simply spoke from his heart, calmly and humbly, about feelings and imagination. If only we all could speak this way, what a beautiful day in the neighborhood (and workplace) it would be.

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4. Chow Down: I don’t know why I EVER thought I would be able to have Protein Puppy Chow in my house and not eat it like it’s my job. Well, it kind of is my job because I am a FitFluential Ambassador and made it for a Designer Whey review. Regardless, can someone please come over and take it all away?


5. Great Minds: Not only did I steal the “denim shirt with a pencil skirt” idea from my bosom buddy Ryan, but when I texted her this photograph to thank her for the gratis fashion genius, she informed me that alas! She too was wearing denim at present, coordinating perfectly with her new Tom wedges. I hastily replied that I was ALSO wearing my new Tom wedges. Oh my stars! (It’s the little things, people. And if you caught the Anne of Green Gables reference, one point for you.)


6.  Pictures, please!: This Apple Walnut and Fresh Cherry Quinoa Salad sounds so delicious that I will be making it soon. But why, HyVee, WHY don’t you post photos along with your recipes?? How will I ever know if I am making it to perfection? I have sent several terse emails suggesting this very thing, but apparently no one is listening. Shocker, I know.

7.  Congrats, It’s a Tomato!: This week marked the first tomato harvest of the year from our garden. This totally must be exactly what parenting feels like. Such a proud moment.


8. Saddle Up: My friends and I had a great, long bike ride this weekend through the country. We saw corn, beans, horses, a town with population 10 and some gorgeous flowers. We also made a new friend while waiting for traffic. He took off ahead of me, so obviously I made it my mission to catch him. Which I did, and then proceeded to draft off of him for 5 miles. Megan FTW.


9. Tears of Shame: My dear friend Molly and her adorable family are moving away, so we said goodbye like all friends do: with beer, cupcakes, and an extremely inappropriate public game of cards. Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity? I think their website says it all. “Unlike most of the party games you’ve played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends.” I literally had tears streaming down my face. Though I’m not sure if it was tears for enjoying myself, or tears of shame for enjoying myself. This game is that ridiculous.


         goodbye-molly-group {Sarah. The camera is over here…Oh nevermind.}


What is one thing that makes you laugh so hard, you cry?

Did you watch Mr. Rogers as a kid?  Watching him make peanut butter changed my life.

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8 thoughts on “Me Likey Monday 7/29/13

  1. Unless you’ve had any other takers….I would like to volunteer to take that Protein Puppy Chow off your hands. It has been making my mouth water each time I see a picture. And I would like to request that it be delivered to my home in Jefferson City. In person. By you. 🙂

    And also, denim rocks. And so do TOMS zig-zag wedges. And so do we. HAPPY MONDAY, darling!!

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