Me Likey Monday 8/15/13

I don’t know about you lovelies, but my week was re-donk-u-lously busy. But it’s Monday, which means we have a brand new week to be amazing. So go. Do. But first, please enjoy the latest installment of Me Likey Monday. Here you will find a week of: beautiful moments, ways I made a fool of myself, new music I’ve somehow not heard of yet and videos that will make you snort – among other things.

1. What Else Is In There?: “I see that you are holding a small human.  I’m assuming that is the same human that has holed up in your belly for 9 months. Mmmm…so…why do you still look pregnant? What else is in there?” These are the actual words that came out of my mouth not 3 weeks ago to a friend I was visiting on the maternity floor. My mother friends just shook their heads at me and sighed, “Oh look how cute never-before-knocked-up-Megan is. She’s like a foal learning to walk.” So when I saw this post in response to the public outcry at Kate Middleton’s “still pregnant belly”, I was glued to the screen. Then I seared it in my memory for when I am a mother – because my kids will know what real beauty looks like.

2. In the Hallway: This.

Praise Him In the Hallway

3.  I Gotchu: I heart my coworkers.  This week was super crazy at the office – I was scripting and producing several videos for our CEO alongside some of the most brilliant minds I’ve ever worked with. No pressure, right? And when I get in the zone, I sort of kind of forget to do anything else but the task at hand. Like pee. Or play Words with Friends. Or eat. Lucky for me, my coworkers brought me sustenance in the form of sweet potato tots, blueberries and coffee. They’re kind of rad.

4. Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs: I had 9 hours of me time on my way to Da Lake on Saturday, and listened to Chuck Klosterman’s Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs. It’s 18 comedic essays on pop culture and it’s pretty witty. One line that struck me as less witty and more sad was this: “Being interesting has been replaced by being identifiable.” He’s right, we do that. I don’t want my life, or the people in my life, to fit into a category because it’s easier. I don’t want to label or be labeled. I want to live a life that is authentic, genuine, and sometimes even a little uncomfortable. Thanks for putting it into words, Chucky.

levi-scott {Hittin’ the open road with my boys Levi and Scott}

5. The Good Life: While you suckers are working your fingers to the bone this week, I’ll be right here. Reasons I love Da Lake: no one makes me shower, wear makeup or stay awake for longer than 2 hours at a time. I get to fish, swim, drink tea, read books, eat cheese curds and light fires. It’s pretty much the greatest ever.

{My morning coffee view from the dock. That’s Em Em Dubs boat, Zippy.}

 6. THAT Guy: Harmless, unsuspecting revenge on people who deserve it could possibly be the single best form of comedy. For example, this video teaching Jaguar Guy a lesson in how to not park like a jerk is worth every second of its 6 minutes. I promise.

7. Shake Shake Shake: Spotify is like that emo dude down the hall in college – he knows just enough random stuff about me to be creepy. Like that I would dig the band Bronze Radio Return.  Right again, Spotify. Right again.

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8. Aaaaarg: If you guys knew about this Pirate’s Booty Veggie nonsense and didn’t tell me, we are in a fight. I’ll admit that eating puffed spinach, kale, carrots and parsley sounds just about as appealing as wearing a scarf made from hair found in the bathroom drain. But this girl is always up for a challenge so I bought some anyway. Let’s just say it’s so good that a certain someone that shall not be named may not have made it out of the parking lot without eating half the bag.


 9. It’s a First: I finally made it down to First Fridays, a free event in the artsy Crossroads District. Galleries, restaurants and stores keep their doors open late the first friday of each month, creating a wonderful street fair experience. I was excited to realize that one of my favorite print companies, Hammerpress, was open. I just love their one-of-a-kind letterpress concert posters, cards and prints.  It’s always fun to get a sneak peek behind the scenes.

hammerpress store

10.  It’s Not a Sprint: This many ladies woke up before 6AM to run on Saturday. You’d think it was marathon season or something. My alarm went off at 5:25 and I literally sat at the edge of the bed for 15 minutes, thinking up an excuse believable enough that not one of these gals would call BS on. I had nothin’, so there I am front and center in the blue tank. Darn them, and their accountability crap.


11. Buh-bye Bounty: Hop over to Bargain Babe for my latest post, “Five Discount Websites for Outdoor Gear“. It makes me want to buy all the things and go camping right now .


Name one song you sang along to this week.

What’s the best harmless revenge you’ve ever gotten?  See #6 of this post for mine. That’s for making me pour the beer out in 1999, Em Em Dub.


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5 thoughts on “Me Likey Monday 8/15/13

  1. Hi! I loved number 2!!!! Also, I have heard of Pirate’s Booty, but have not had it. So I think that means we are NOT in a fight? Yay!!! I am jealous of the lake. One time I am going to hide in the back of your vehicle and bandit you family vacay! I was so happy you ran on Saturday. I miss your face! That is all.

  2. The baby belly thing is so true… When I came home from the hospital with Noe I looked in the mirror and thought, “well, at least I only look *seven* months pregnant now.”

    Love your Mondays and BB posts! Miss you!

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