Me Likey Monday 8/19/13

I’m turred today, folks. Down right sleepy. Nothin’ a little shot of Me Likey Monday can’t cure though, right? And substantial amounts of iced coffee. Obviously.

1. Way Too Much Copy:You’ve heard of Kickstarter, right? What started as a site to help people raise money for worthy projects has now become a bit outta hand.  And that is why it deserves this spoof video called “Thingstarter: Better Homeless Signs”. My joy comes in at 1:32. Strategically placed or accidental genius? You tell me.

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2. Doin’ The Pigeon: As a runner and cyclist, my IT bands (tissue that runs from the side of your hip all of the way down past your knee) take a lot of abuse. It’s super important to stretch my hips so that my muscles don’t become tight, causing knee and back pain. My favorite pose right now is straight from yoga class, the pigeon pose. I have been sitting in this pose for about 20 minutes each day, and haven’t been having any pain. Woot!

3. It’s A Cardigan, But Thanks For Asking: Will someone please buy me this LABEL + THREAD cashmere cardi? It’s on sale – $129.99 marked down from $395. A total steal.  Let me know when to expect it, and I’ll send you my addy. Also, why does the model look so upset? She’s probably hangry. While you’re sending me the sweater, send her some chicken wings.

cashemere cardi

4. Don’t Just Ride: I’m officially one month away from my first Bike MS. I will be riding 150 miles with the KC Cutters, from Olathe to Lawrence, KS and back to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. It will be the longest I’ve ever ridden in a two day span, and I’m super excited. If you are interested in donating for the cause, you can do so here on my personal fundraising page. Donations can also come in the form of one of those blow up donut seats and or Vaseline for chaffing in the days following.

5. Pony Up: So, I saw something this weekend that confused and elated me at the same time. Husband and I were at Worlds of Fun riding rollercoasters for the ol’ anniversary, when a couple strolled by. With a very short pony. Wearing Chucks. The pony was wearing Chucks. Not the people. The people were wearing a) a fanny pack and b) a male tank top. It was the perfect storm of awesomeness.


6. Am I Being Punked? I can’t even believe these words are coming out of my mouth, but Ashton Kutcher said some smart things this week. He says more insightful words in 4 minutes than most CEO’s say in 40. Or ever. My favorite line, because it’s true: “The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart. And being thoughtful, and being generous.” Looks like ol’ A-Kutch has more for us than the trucker hat trend. Right on.

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7. Tomato, TomAto: Apparently it’s tomato week! Uno – I received a box in the mail from Red Gold filled with yummy goodies (and two aprons!), so be on the lookout for some recipes! And B – I finally tried the restaurant You Say Tomato for breakfast on Saturday. I’m in love! I had a fabulous veggie bierock with curried lentils, potatoes, currants and feta in a fresh pastry. The inside was adorable with a mini market of local veggies and baked goods. It reminded me of one of my favorite brunch spots in LA, Auntie Em’s – eclectic, vibrant and locally sourced. I will be going back soon!

red-gold-tomatoes you-say-tomato

8. 1000x Faster? Meh.: We had Google Fiber installed in our home this week, and while I am less than impressed with the internet speed and TV picture quality, we did get a Nexus 7. I’m pretty stoked about that and have been using it a ton. The screen is really sharp and, as much as I love my iPhone, I prefer Android’s operating system. Look at me, so fancy and tech savvy. Pretty soon, I’ll be buying a gamer chair and talking in a headset to my friend Xing Xing across the pond.

Make it a great one! Say one nice thing to someone new every day this week!

Do you dress your pets in human clothing? Be specific. Very specific.

What is your favorite way to stretch?

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