Me Likey Monesday 8/14/13

Me Likey Monday on a Wednesday? Listen – I was on vacation last week which technically ended Sunday night at 11:59 p.m., but my brain is just now getting around to telling the rest of my body.  So that means this week’s installment is today, Wednesday, instead of Monday.  Just call it Monesday and get on with your life.

1. Look At Me I’m On A Boat: Once I got over the FLU (getting sick on vacay is so dumb, btw), I pontooned it up lots.  The highlights were: Booka switching from riding Dragon to Giraffe every 3 seconds (, Lil Kathy and I getting the anchor stuck thus being stranded and at the mercy of a man – the likes of which we just discussed we didn’t need – and Aunt Meg “falling” off her raft repeatedly to get little giggles and claps.  Life is good.


2. Don’t Tell Me That Hurts Less: You already know that I promote anti-bullying. When a friend shared the To This Day Project, I was struck by the beauty and familiarity of the promo video. Some days I am amazed at how something someone said to me in 7th grade can echo in my mind at 31. Please know friends, that your words are powerful.  For most of us, it is a privilege that we have freedom of speech. Do something good with that.

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3. Meg-O Faygo: When I think of spending time on a lake, I think of my grandpa. Some of my best memories are of him teaching me to fish at his lake in Indiana. We also loved to drink Sugar Free Root Beer Faygo together. When I saw the 12-pack at the gas station on my way up, I HAD to buy it. It just seemed right. It’s been years since I’ve had any and it wasn’t sugar free, but the taste INSTANTLY made me feel 8 years old.  All I needed was my Tweetie Bird swimsuit. And g-pa, of course.


4. False Advertising: On my drive home, I listened to Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken. Holy crap, I was not prepared for this book. Here is how Molly described it to me after letting me steal her password: “Runner – loved it!” So. I’m thinking it’s a nice, inspirational story about a runner. I’m a runner. This should be decent. Ummm. Running is a fraction of this true story. It’s about a troubled teen who is saved through running, then goes off to WWII as an airman, to then crash and become stranded at sea, to then be taken as a POW by the Japanese. I’m not even finished yet, but I was riveted not only for the 8 hour drive, but a 30 mile bike ride the next day. I might quit my job so I can finish it. Read it. Now.


5. Is This Real Life?: Two friends. Both talented designers living in New York. He’s a commitment-phobe. She falls in love too easily. They are single and want to break their bad dating habits. They decide to embark on a 40 day dating experiment. As in dating each other. Sounds like a new reality show – but it’s not.  It’s real and documented through a daily journal on It’s creative, it’s heartbreaking, it’s funny and I’m OBSESSED. Just try to read Day One and then put it away. Don’t look at Day Two or Twenty-Two. Go ahead. Betcha can’t do it.

6. 18-Wheeler, Roll On: If you’ve ever watched the Tour de France, you’ve seen teams of cyclists riding uncomfortably close to one another – that’s called drafting. The idea is to tuck behind the rider in front of you, cutting down wind resistance, allowing you to gain higher speeds with less effort. Riders take turns pulling – being in the front of the line – so one rider isn’t working harder than another. I am not good at this. I am terrified of hitting the wheel in front of me and battering to the ground like a fly caught in a jar. It’s happened and it’s ugly. Trust me. Bro-in-law let me practice this week, and given that he is 6 foot 16 and riding my dad’s 6 foot 17 hybrid, I was pretty much drafting behind a semi truck.


7. Salty Banana: It’s marathon season, kids! And you know what that means: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Not just with water, but your entire diet. And not just the night before your long run, but the entire week. Here’s a great article that talks how paying attention to sodium and potassium intake can make those double digit miles a breeze.

8. I’m a Loser, Baby: I love playing games. Not with men, on boards. Big Sis killed it in bingo this week, and Bro-in-law and I split Sorry 2-1 in his favor. His ridiculous fist pumping and gloating made me sick, because I awoke the next morning to the flu. Jerk store called, dude. Jerk store.


9. Happier Than A Camel: Guess what day it is?? This one’s for you, Baird.

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…Have a great week!

What is your favorite game to play?

Do you have a food, drink or song that instantly takes you back?

Does it bother you that my list doesn’t have 10 things? 

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6 thoughts on “Me Likey Monesday 8/14/13

  1. Is it bad that I only know what Faygo is because I went to see the Insane Clown Posse live with my ex-boyfriend? That’s right, I’ve seen ICP live – twice! They shake up 2 L bottles of Faygo and spray it all over their fans. Sounds fun, right? Right? RIGHT?!!

    • Totally not bad, and only because Husband worked on an ICP movie as a grip when we still lived in LA. He was alone. In the mountains. With ICP. For 3 weeks. That’s bad.

  2. I was vague in my book description to Matt too, but it resulted in wonderful conversations. So glad you’re reading it! And yes, you should quit work to read. That’s kinda what I did with grad school. 🙂
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