National Anti-Bullying Month in Powerful Words

Yesterday I posted about all of the “National Whatever Days” Facebook was telling me I needed to celebrate.

But I forgot a very important one.  National Anti-Bullying Month. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I do not tolerate bullying on any level.  I’m the first person to make a joke at my own expense, but I’m also the first to stop you from making a joke at someone else’s. It’s just not ok.  Ever.

Today, a beautiful anchor from La Crosse, WI, Jennifer Livingston, addressed a viewer who sent her an email that was….hurtful.  Jennifer handles the situation with grace, poise and confidence.  She’s simply amazing.

I live an active lifestyle – my choices would be coined as “healthy”.  My blog has the word FIT in it, after all.  So you might say “Why are you defending someone who is overweight?  Shouldn’t you be agreeing with the person who wrote the email? Shouldn’t she be setting an example for children?”

Here is the thing. She is.  The best kind of examples.  Kindness. Strength. Tolerance.  Being skinny doesn’t mean you are healthy.  Being fat doesn’t mean you are unattractive.  Some of the ugliest and unhealthy people I know are thin.  They could have size 4 jeans, a megawatt smile and brazilianed whatever, but they are mean, hateful, hurtful and selfish. And THAT makes them sick.

Jennifer puts it better than I ever could: “We need to teach out kids to be kind, not critical. And we need to do that by example.”  Here, let her tell you.

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