Ricotta: It’s What’s For Dessert.

First of all, did you guys see that Royals game last night?!  15 innings, man!  That’s practically a double header.  Alas, Adam Jones hit a solo homer to give the Orioles the late-night win.  But what’s new, eh?  Man, am I glad to be a Cards fan.  Who’s with me?!Speaking of the Red Birds, don’t tell Bro-in-Law but Booka’s going to be wearing red.  While playing “nanny” for my sister last weekend, I may or may not have sang the CORRECT words to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” (Root, root, root for the CARDINALS) every night I put Booka to bed.  And he may or may not have smiled each time I did.  Could have been gas. Hey – I can’t blame him.  I mean, he was born into a Cubs family….wouldn’t you jump ship, too? {Big Sis and the ankle-biters I chased around for 4 days. Loved every second.}

While watching the game last night, I was craving dessert.  Which happens EVERY night  and leads to me stuffing my face with Thin Mints dipped in peanut butter (SRSLY), vanilla ice cream straight from the carton with spoonfuls of peanut butter, or graham crackers slathered in peanut butter.  What. No, WHAT?  Listen – I gave up bacon 4 years ago, what more do you want from me?

However as of late, my pants DO. NOT. FIT.  I attribute that to the increase in my mileage while I train for the Chicago Marathon, as well as the endless amounts of squats and lunges I have been doing.  My legs are gaining muscle, AKA turning into ham hocks, and I am getting a “fitness butt” (Husbands words, not mine).  All of this equals Megan feeling like sausage being squeezed into a casing every morning I attempt to wear pants to work.  There will be a LOT of dresses this summer friends.  Get used to it.

I figured that my late night peanut butter make-out sessions are probably not helping in this area, so last night I returned to an old favorite compliments of the South Beach Diet. Yes, about 8 years ago I did the South Beach Diet for 6 months.  I lost weight quickly which was my intention at the time, but for me the diet was not realistic long-term. I did take away some great knowledge and love of foods I had never tried before, like mashed cauliflower and…wait for it…Vanilla Ricotta Creme.  I learned that my diet was very heavy in bad carbs like white bread and pasta and potatoes, and how to get a handle on my blood sugar so I wasn’t starving and crashing throughout the day.  I still use those tools today, so I’d say it was worth it!

On to the Vanilla Ricotta Creme.  When I first heard “ricotta cheese” I thought of lasagna, not a yummy, sweet dessert.  Oh man, did I quickly change my tune.  This little gem is delicious, creamy, light and can be made in about 27 seconds which is a plus because otherwise I may chew my hand off.  And it’s so versatile – if you aren’t a vanilla fan, I’ve included some alternative recipe links below.  Plus the ricotta is packed with protein, calcium and omegas.  Winning!I did make one change to the SBD version.  SBD is HUGE on using artificial sweeteners in their recipes, and I am not a fan.  So I use honey instead, since it’s such a great natural sugar.  Enjoy!

Other versions you might like:

Mocha Ricotta Creme

Lemon Peel Ricotta Creme

Vanilla Cinnamon Ricotta Creme

Almond Ricotta Creme (just use pure almond extract instead of vanilla)

…you get the idea.  Get creative!


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