Happy New Year: Saucony Running Gear Review

Happy New Year, beauties! Who wants to crawl out of their Christmas Hanukkah some politically correct holiday cookie coma to try out some fancy new Saucony running gear? It’s okay, take my hand. I’ll lead you out.

When my friends at Saucony found out that I run exclusively in Brooks PureFlows, they challenged me to try the new Saucony Triumph. I was hesitant, but then remembered I like free stuff, so I said, “Yup.”


I’m spoiled, you guys. Not only did they send me these crazy cool shoes, they threw in the Saucony Nomad Jacket, Saucony Bullet Tight and Saucony Swift Long Sleeve. Apparently they know that I’m a weirdo who runs outside through the winter, and want me to be representin’ through the mean streets of KC.


I have been looking for an outer layer that will keep me warm and dry through the winter. With a wind and water-resistant “FlexShell”, thermal fabric across the back and under the arms, and the cozy, breathable fleece lining, the Nomad Jacket is my new go-to winter running jacket. It also has thumbholes which is, like, DUH, and the cut is really feminine. But you know what sold me? When I got pooped on. By a bird. Mid-run. And had nothing to wipe it away with but snow. The waterproof fabric cleaned up like a champ so I could finish my run with some dignity. I can’t make this stuff up, people.


The Bullet Tights are the softest tights I have ever run in! They are warm and wicking with great cargo pockets along both thighs for GU, and adorable scalloped reflector detailing. The drawstring waist makes sure the fit is perfect and the zippers at the ankle make pulling them on a snap. My only complaint is that they hit a bit high on my ankle, so I have to wear tall socks when running in the cold. But, thems the breaks when you are 5’8″!

saucony_bullet_tightBecause I am tall, I always have trouble finding shirts are long enough in the torso and sleeves. The Swift Long Sleeve is amazing! The thumbholes don’t cut into the web of my hand, and the long, slim fit of the torso never rode up while I was running. The fabric is soft and kept me warm and dry during a 20 degree run. And look at the back! So cute!


Last but not least, the Saucony Triumph. It’s like pillows, ya’ll. It’s like running on pillows that look like an 80’s dance party. The Triumph is a neutral shoe, designed to mold to my foot for a seamless stride. The midsole is supportive and durable, while being super cushiony and lightweight. Plus, look a these colors!



Thanks to my friends at Saucony for all of the great running gear. Ladies and gents! I love everything then sent me! I’m a Saucony believer and will be hitting the road in these threads for months to come.

What is your favorite piece of winter running gear?

What is the weirdest thing that’s happened to you on a run?

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