One Happy Camper: Weekend Photo Dump

This past weekend, Husband and I wanted to get outta town for a few days but had ZERO desire to be in the car for very long.  And since we no longer live within driving distance of the ocean or mountains, the woods was really our only option. That or a prairie. Or cow pasture.  Naturally, the woods won.

As we were packing up our camping gear it occured to us that we haven’t been camping since we got engaged at Bryce Canyon in Utah. That was over 2 years ago – what the WHAT?!  I guess that’s what happens when you spend a year planning a wedding, then immediately follow up your wedding with moving across the country.  Needless to say, we were PUMPED to get back to nature and become one with Mama Earth.

...about 17 secs after I said yes! He proposed with his Grandpa's ring. Sooo my style.

We arrived Friday afternoon at Watkins Mill State Park and immediately set up camp and cracked open a beer.  There is something about NOT being at work on a Friday (or any day for that matter) that just makes me want to PAR-TAY! And wear sweatpants.

Yes my sunglasses are bigger than my face. What's your point?

Saturday morning we woke slowly, made hot water on the fire for tea (me) and coffee (Husband) and had breakfast while I caught up on my Better Homes & Gardens stockpile.  Seriously – that magazine is amazing. Paint colors, redecorating ideas, healthy food swaps and nail polish.  I need nothing else in life.   When we camp, we like to keep meals SUPER simple.  Yogurt and granola is usually the go-to for breakfast, unless Husband is feeling super crafty and whips out the camping stove for eggs and bacon.  Lunches are PB&J’s, which can easily be stuffed into a day bag for hiking or fishing.

And fishing we did.  I’d like to go on record to say that I caught not only the FIRST fish, but the BIGGEST.  And the MOST.  Grandpa would be proud.  Just sayin’.  Yep, I was flying preeetty high with my shoe-sized bluegill until a boat pulled up DIRECTLY in front of us and caught a bass the size of Shaq’s shoe.  Which, if you haven’t watched the NBA in oh, say, EVER, is pretty darn big.

I don't know who this woman is or why she's clapping with Shaq's shoes but you go, girl.

We then hit the road for some ridin’ around the lake – the views were gorgeous!  Who knew Missouri was so beautiful?  Not this girl. It took all of me to not jump in the lake, but Husband reminded that the water temp in April in the Midwest is NOT the same as the ocean in California. Can someone say shrinkage?!

Ahhh Mama Earth, you are so sexy.

For dinner, we brought Nathan’s Famous All-Beef Dogs for Husband (ALSO named Nathan), Morningstar Veggie Dogs for me and some fresh corn with pepper.  Nothing tastes better when camping than corn-on-the-cob.  Except maybe s’mores, but we’ll get to that.

These were so good, you're lucky I had time to snap a pic.

Now a little plug for Nathan’s Dogs. After working in Major League Baseball stadiums for over 8 years, Husband is a self-proclaimed hot dog connoisseur (that’s what she said). After eating Nathan’s for the first time ever this weekend, he said AND I QUOTE: “These are the best hot dogs I’ve ever had.”  Woah.  Sorry Dodger Dogs, but the truth hurts.

Can you tell which one is made from soy cows?

After dinner, we played an intense game of bags.  You know you shouldn’t quit your day job when the 12 year old at the next campsite starts heckling you with “Ewww, bad throw”.  By the way, Husband made these bag boards with his own blood, sweat and tears which, according to the 12 year old, is “pretty easy.  All you need are exact measurements”.  Whatever – shut up, kid.  Go collect some bugs. Husband redeemed himself from the fishing fail by totally killing it in bags.  Hawkeyes won this round.

A house divided.

 The rest of the night was a little bit of this:And an embarrasing amount of this.

I’m talkin’ chocolate on the chin, marshmallow hanging from the nose good.  Give me s’more.  Hey – is that why they’re called….oh.  Get it.

The weekend was perfect.  Minus the Saturday night monsoon that had me convinced I would be one of the 1 million to die by lightning strike. But hey, what a way to go.

Have you ever been camping?  What’s your favorite place?

What kind of food are you a connoisseur of? Me? Spinach dip and carrot cake.  NO doubt.

Sidebar: Huge kudos to the staff at Watkins Mill State Park and the Missouri State Parks.  The grounds were immaculate and very well maintained.  Plus everyone was super friendly – thanks for a great weekend!