My Miserables Hair + Medicine Ball Workout

Oh my word, are you watching Downton Abbey? If not – get on PBS and watch it NOW. Yes, I said PBS now GO! If you ARE watching it, have you seen the Downton Abbey Facebook Recaps? Huh-larious.

downton abbey girls {No Edith, we still won’t be friends even if Sybil is dead.}

Want to know something awesome?! My hair is growing. It’s now officially touching my shoulders and I finally feel like ME again.


It sounds funny I know, but when I cut my hair into a pixie, I imagined I would feel like this:


And ended up feeling like this.


Except without the Academy Award nom and the millions of dollars. And degree from Vassar.

Don’t get me wrong, there were times when I felt pretty and stylish (and sometimes fierce) with my short hair, but those were the days I got really dressed up and actually wore makeup. The rest of the time I felt like a 12 year old boy in my mom’s clothes. That may be okay for Ryan Seacrest, but not me. Gosh, he scares me.


{One of the better hair days: Mystery Dinner theatre for our Anniversary – I was asked to participate and won “best actress”. Take THAT, Hathaway!}

I never thought I was someone whose sexuality was wrapped up in something as silly as hair, but it really affected how I felt as a woman. And I know my beauty on the inside and blah blah blech – it wasn’t about feeling beautiful. It was about feeling feminine.  So like the Gaga, I Am My Hair.

So you must promise me something, if you really love me like you say you do.

No matter how much I bribe you with Trader Joe’s chocolate bars or threaten to expose your One Direction habit, do not let me cut my hair short. Ever again. DO YOU HEAR ME?

Phew. Now that we have settled that, let’s talk about toning up!

big circles

Earlier this week, my friend Lisa asked me to put together a medicine ball workout for her. I looove medicine ball workouts. Whether you are new to exercise or an old crank like me, using a medicine ball is great because it’s so versatile. They are portable, relatively cheap (under $30 at Dick’s Sporting Goods) and can be used to combine cardiovascular and strength training.


The ball requires coordination, strength, and stamina to keep it under control during exercise. Some balls are as heavy as 200 pounds although it is rare to need one over 25 pounds. The ball Lisa used for the following workout was 6 lbs, a great starting point.

There are literally hundreds of exercises you can do with a med ball, but here is a 6 exercise superset that works the entire body and challenges coordination and balance.

Total Body Medicine Ball Workout

Click here for a link to each exercise with description and visuals.

I’m off to complete today’s Best Body Bootcamp workout. Have a great weekend!


Have you ever regretted a haircut or other cosmetic decision?

What is your favorite piece of exercise equipment?