Ritalin Run: HIIT Treadmill Workout

I would like to tip my hat to the literary genius who coined the phrase “polar vortex” that’s swirlin’ in the media right now about the weather.

Remember when you played soccer as a kid and it was freezing outside? And suddenly you got hit smack in the face with the ball, and on a normal day it wouldn’t be that big a’ deal but because it’s FREEZING outside it feels like you just got sledgehammered in the nose and all you want to do is cry to your mom?

That’s how walking outside my front door feels like right now.

That’s the polar vortex.

That’s journalistic gold.

For those of you smarter than me that choose not to go for runs, walk to the movies or cry frozen tears (true story that involves a really good piece of pizza that…you know what? Nevermind.) outside, how about a treadmill workout?


When I absolutely MUST do a treadmill workout, I play tricks in order to last longer than 2:13. And trust me, I’ve tried them all. Covering up the screen with a towel, reading magazines, letting Eminem berate me into submission, watching Bull Durham on repeat. All of the things, I’ve done ‘em.

The most effective? A little sumpin’ sumpin’ I like to call The Ritalin Run. It’s the cure all for Treadmill ADD!  You’ll be so distracted by switching things up, you won’t even know you’ve endured treadmill boredom for 30 minutes.


Otherwise knows as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), this treadmill workout can easily be done on an elliptical, stair machine or bike.

Starting with a 5 minute warm up, you will do 1-minute intervals that build from jogging to sprinting. Do the whole routine 3 times, then cool down and get back to being awesome.


When do you remember being FREEZING as a kid?

How do you cure treadmill boredom?



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