May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor This Cold Season

I think I’m in The Hunger Games and someone forgot to tell me. See, earlier this week it was 75 degrees in Kansas City. The sun was shining, the breeze was light and warm, it was the perfect day . A little too perfect, if you ask me.

The next day, it was thundering and lighting like crazy, the rain dumping from the black clouds. My confidence was shaken, and I almost lost my mind trying to navigate among the horrific drivers on my way to work.

Wednesday it snowed, which meant more dreadful drivers and my brakes locking up every time I rolled over ice. Oh that red light? Yea, that’s optional, right?

Today, it’s zero degrees. Zero. Without wind chill.

See what I mean? The Capital is trying to kill me off with this insane weather pattern. What’s next, a massive rockslide or shark infestation? I’m just going to cling to my knife and hope all ya’ll die before me. Katniss Everdeen

Not to mention that everyone around me is sneezing, coughing and walking around with the swine flu or some nonsense. I’m going to say this once: If you are sick, do not come to work. If your children are sick, do not send them to school. It’s not nice.

Speaking of being sick, I heard an interesting tidbit on the radio earlier this week in regards to blowing your nose. Did you know there is a right way and a wrong way to honk the ol’ horn (TWSS)? Apparently, there is!

According to Dr. J. Owen Hendley and his team of researchers at the University of Virginia, the proper method is to blow one nostril at a time. By closing one nostril and concentrating on the other, it helps prevent pressure buildup in the ears, which can send bacteria farther back into the sinus passages causing a sinus infection. obama-blow-nose

I bet my man Barack does it right.


photo 1

In other news, Husband and I went bowling and I beat him for the first time ever. And broke 100. And then beat him again. And got a turkey. That’s 3 strikes. In a row. It’s madness! photo 4

photo 2

See, over Christmas we went bowling with Big Sis and Bro-in-Law, and Big Sis told me (after a horrific score of 55) that I was starting on the wrong foot. I was doing Left Right Left Right, when I was supposed to be doing Right Left Right Left. I switched it up, and low and behold – I’m Big Ern! I’m the Greatest!

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Why no one has told me this for 31 years, I won’t ever know. But I have a sneaky suspicion it is because they knew of my untapped, world class potential and wanted to keep it under wraps – so selfish, my family.


It’s Friday, ladies and gents. Which means you probably won’t hear from me until next week because I am pretty much the worst blogger on weekends. I don’t take pictures, I don’t post links on Facebook. There isn’t a hashtag to be seen. Shameful, I know. But I’m just too darn busy livin’ life and wearing pants with elastic waists!!


Instead, here are a few tidbits from the week worth checkin’ out. So sit back, relax and read on:

1. My obsession with Super Bowl Spinach Dip can live on with this healthy version from Brittany at Eating Bird Food.

2. Great articles for me people that tend to put their foot in their mouth: What Not to Say to a Working Mom & Stay-At-Home Moms: What You Should NEVER Say To Them

3. A peanut butter cup omelet? I’m excitedly terrified to try this.

4. I heart Kid President and his pep talk. “Don’t stop believing, unless your dream is stupid. Then you should get a better dream.” HA!

5. I will have this in my home someday. I will have this in my home someday.

Have a great weekend – peace out!

What are your weekend plans?

How’s your bowling game these days?

Any cold / flu tips you’d like to share?