Me Likey Monday 10/7/13

And we’ll never be royals (royaaaaaals). It don’t run in our blood. That kind of lux just ain’t for us, we crave a different kind of buzz…Sorry, I’ve had Lorde’s song Royals in my head all weekend.

Did you have a good week? Mine was great – busy at work getting ready for a huge conference, but with that came some fun projects! Cheers to working hard and reflecting on the good!

1. Gettin’ Hairy: Now that my hair is getting longer, I’m finally getting to play around with different fun styles. When I saw the Headband Tuck style come through in an email, I had to try it. It’s super easy and looks like I spent hours getting ready. Which we all know is the opposite of what happens – it’s nothing short of a miracle if I’m wearing matching shoes.

Headband tuck

2. Tis’ the Season, Already?: Not that you are ready for this jelly, but let’s say a “friend” of yours was already brainstorming unique gift ideas for a certain holiday that involves a jolly fat man and tiny infant baby Jesus. Wouldn’t a list of 10 alternatives to christmas gifts come in handy? Obviously, so that’s why I wrote it.

3. Tell Me All the Ways to Stay Away: Don’t even begin to ask me about my favorite kind of music. I am all over the grid. Por ejemplo, I stand by my claim that Barenaked Ladies is my favorite band. I dropped ridic coin on P!nk tickets in the pit (37 days baby!), I flew to Vegas to see Garth Brooks and I squealed like a kid when Phantogram dropped their new EP this week. Black Out Days. SO good.

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4. It’s Not a Puma: Okay, it is. Puma sent me some sick gear this week to test out for ya’ll. So now when I say, “I’m gonna go slip into something more comfortable,” you’ll know what I mean. Stay tuned for a full review of the goods.

Puma formlite

5. For Slap or For Worse?: I was going to share an ironic video of Jon Stewart talking about the gubment shutdown, but that subject is annoying to me. So instead, an epic real-life slap bet cash in. And if you aren’t familiar with the slap bet, you have got to start watching How I Met Your Mother. The bet spans 6 seasons. Genius.

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6. Low Cal Creme Puffs: So the box says “Natural,” “Fat-Free,” “Lite,”…but what does that all really mean? Well, it doesn’t always mean it’s good for you. Runner’s World breaks down how to read a food label for nutrition facts, so you know what you’re really putting in your body. Now put down the Nutty Bars and back away slowly.

7. California (Instead of) Dreamin’: I couldn’t sleep. It was 11:17 p.m.. So I booked a flight to Cali. To see the ankle biters. Big Sis and Bro-in-Law will probably be there, too. I will see my sweet, beautiful, glorious ocean. And my friends in LA. I will eat food from a Mexican woman on the street and sit in unnecessary traffic. Oh, and one minor detail: Justin Timberlake may or may not be playing in Anaheim. But it’s all about the children, I swear.

Meg LilLil Bokka

8. Life, Online. My book club read “Reconstructing Amelia” this month. While the group gave it a B, I gave it an A. It’s about a single, hard-working mother, Kate, who gets a phone call from her daughter’s school that there’s been an accident–overachieving Amelia jumped from the roof to her death. But as Kate learns more about Amelia’s life, the feeling arises that maybe it wasn’t suicide, after all. I found the heavy theme of bullying interesting, and how in today’s world of texting, Facebook, Twitter and blogging, it can escalate to frightening heights in a matter of seconds. It’s a perspective of bullying I am not familiar with, but all parents should be. It’s not a feel-good fuzzy read, but it’s raw and real and that’s why you should check it.

Reconstructing Amelia

9. #socktober: Kid President says, “Let’s take back the internet and do something great.” Help the needy in your neighborhood, like my friend Jhaven. Build homes for the homeless. Or at the very least, stop playing Candy Crush. Okay, so maybe that’s a little extreme. Join Kid Prez in #socktober.

Okay, party people! That’s it for this week’s Me Likey Monday from Fiterature Studios! Now go out and spread joy this week!


How will you spread joy this week?

Have you ever made an unusual bet? 

What does the fox say (sorry. couldn’t help it)?