I had a great workout tonight – a 70 minute spin class that had so many PitBull songs in it I felt like I was in a Dr. Pepper commercial.  Let’s have a real good time….aye!

It was my night to cook dinner, (in an apron, high heels and pearls…naturally) so I made sure tonight was eggsactly what I wanted – a ton of protein, light yet filling and flavorful.  So tonight I made egg sandwiches!

Scrumptious Laughing Cow Cheese Peeking Out!

1 piece of whole wheat toast slathered with

1 wedge of Laughing Cow Light Mozzarella, Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil Cheese (dee-lish)

2 large eggs, over easy topped with 

A sprinkle of shredded colby & monterey jack cheeses

1/2 of a medium banana on the side

1 cup skim milk


Total Calories: 375

Total Protein: 27 grams (wow!)

Total Fat: 16 grams

My Dinner of Champions

The protein from the milk, cheese, banana and eggs begins to rebuild the muscles I just tore during exercising, while the carbs from the toast and banana refuel my muscles with glycogen. The natural sugars in the banana aid in restoring my glycogen too, and it restores the potassium my body lost while sweating  The fats, though a bit higher than I like post-workout, are all good animal fats, so I am alright there.

So, when you are looking for a post-workout meal, think high protein & carbs, low fat.  And you want to eat within 45 minutes of your workout.  Whey protein shakes are a great post-workout meal, though I needed something more substantial for dinner today.

What is your favorite post-workout meal?

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