Me Likey Monday 7/8/13

Molly Comment

Done and done.  Unless I forget.  At which point you are free to talk amongst yourselves.

1.  Hot Days: I grew up fishing on a lake.  I was a lifeguard at a quarry through high school and college. Summer doesn’t feel like summer without endless days on a large body of water.  Or blueberry lemonade vodka.  Of which I had both on Thursday.


{Anne is in the middle. She’s the maker of the fresh blueberry lemonade vodka. She’s my favorite.}

2.  Cool Nights: Kansas City gets so hot in the summer, it’s like your mom left you in the car with the windows up while she went inside for just a minute three hours to buy more smokes. So when the temps dip below 80, you can bet your sweet molasses I’m sippin’ something cold on a patio somewhere.  Preferably my own, cause the drinks are cheaper. The help has an attitude but you take the good with the bad, right?


{Wanna sit with me?}

3.  Shuttin’ Er Down: Have you ever done mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR)? I tend to have trouble falling asleep because my mind is always racing.  Sometimes it’s important stuff like “Should I have double bagged those banana slices I put in the freezer?” and other times it’s silly nonsense like “Will my ad campaign pitch be the one that changes the company’s business prospects?”  What has been helping quiet the voices is practicing a mindfulness meditation body scan as I lie down for the night.  Before I know it, I’m dreaming of surfing on a dolphin with Alexander Skargard. True story.

4.  With a Side of Sugar, Please: I cannot remember the last time I went into a donut shop and ordered donuts to eat.  Like, personally.  I buy donuts for my mechanic.  And the guys who dug a whole under my house so it wouldn’t fall down.  But for ME?  Never.  Until Saturday morning.  I kept hearing how amazing this Fluffy Fresh Donuts establishment was.  And not one to be left out, it happened.  And guess what?  I didn’t die.  I tasted my own heartbeat for the three hours following, but I survived.  And for those of you who are wondering what your heartbeat tastes like – it’s diabetes.

Fluffy Fresh Donuts

5.  Call Me Crazy: “Are you building a fort?” asks Carter, age 10.  “No, but that’s a good idea.” is my reply. “Sooo…why are you hanging sheets from a tree?” “So they will dry in the sun.” “Don’t you have a DRYER???!!!” “Yes, we have a dryer. This saves money and the environment.” “Ooooookay.” Condescending eye roll. And I’m officially the crazy ol’ lady that lives next door.  I already make my own laundry soap, dishwasher soap, bathroom scrub and hardwood floor cleaner, so I figured why not try fresh from the sun linens?  Why not let my freak flag fly for all to see?  Carter, if you are reading this (why WOULDN’T you be?), I’m teaching you resourcefulness.  You are welcome. Now get off my lawn.

Clothes Line

6.  And Jelly, and Jelly: I love peanut butter so. much. Remember the Walking Sundae? Only thing is, the sticky stuff is super high in calories and fat. Don’t get me wrong – we need “good fat” in our diet, and that can come from nuts and oils. In moderation. Since I add PB to pretty much every meal, PB2 is the perfect solution.  PB2 is a powdered peanut butter, but with nearly 85% less fat calories. It is made with slow-roasted nuts pressed to remove the oil, with no artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. And, most importantly, it tastes like the real deal! It’s perfect to throw in my morning smoothies or on toast. I buy PB2 at my local HyVee grocery store, but I’ve also seen it at Natural Grocers. Getchusome.


7.  Future’s So Bright: Husband and I like to go to Estate Sales and buy things from dead people. Relax. I can say that because my family has held these kind of sales for our dearly departed. It’s the best form of flattery – after you’re six feet down, wouldn’t you rather see some young couple buy and love your Coleman cooler as opposed to it collecting dust in Uncle Roger’s basement because he didn’t have the heart to throw it away?  Look at me – I am now the proud owner of these sweet shades for the bargain price of $1. Thank you, Luanne and Frank! See you on the other side.

Vintage Shades

8.  Uncharted Road: There is nothing like setting out for a 30 mile bike ride with no route. Want to go this way? Sure! What’s on the other side of that monstrous hill? I dunno, let’s find out! Look!  We found the only bike lanes in KC (ignore the fact that we may get whacked by the mafia while riding them – no, it’s not weird that there’s a limo parked outside an abandoned meat packing plant)! Cheers to my trailblazing gal pals Jenny and Michelle for making 30 miles feel like three.  I had a BLAST exploring the great ‘hoods of KC on two wheels: the West Bottoms, River Market, downtown, the stock yards and the ADORABLE Westside neighborhood. Some of the best journeys are those you don’t plan.

9.  Where’s Waldo: Speaking of great places to live, I’m obsessed with my little corner of the world. Sunday, Husband and I rode our bikes to church. When we rolled up our Pastor said “You’re the first to ride here.  Guess we need bike racks, huh?!” Yes, you do because I’m sure if Joseph would have  stopped being all like “But there’s no WAY I’m the father of that baby!”, gotten his act together and invented the BICYCLE, he could have shaved a few hours off the journey to Bethlehem and Mary could have given birth to JC in the comfort of a muddy stonewalled campground like a normal person. … Anywho – I rode a bike in a dress. To church and then to brunch.  I’m like a Normal Rockwell painting.

Church on a Bike

{Fancy meets rugged.  By Prada.}

10.  Big Things, Small Packages: Pay attention – this one will benefit you.  I received another package from my friends at Designer Whey this week.  What that means to you is that a yummy, nutritious, easy recipe will be coming your way this week.  And it may or may not involve an avocado. Stay tuned.

Designer Whey Sustained Energy Avocado


What is something great that has happened to you that was totally unplanned?

What is your favorite kind of donut?