Mexican Benedict de Mayo!

After a rather disappointing morning of garage sale-ing last Saturday, Husband and I were famished.  I planned to whip up some basic scrambled eggs and toast. I shouted “Food will be ready in 10 minutes!” to the back of Husband’s head as he went upstairs to touch up his FABULOUS paint job in my office.  (Have I mentioned Husband is a handy man ninja? We dated for 5 years and never once did he fix, make, hammer or paint anything.  Now, after 1.5 years of marriage, he’s a regular Bob Vila.  Like I said, handy man ninja.)

{Handy Man Ninja Husband tearing down our fence, that is surrounding our house.  Which he painted.}

Scrambie eggs and toast just felt boring as I began to set out all of the ingredients.  Which consisted of a carton of eggs, toast and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  See?  Boring. Suddenly, an old recipe came to mind that I have been hanging on to for a while.  MEXICAN BENEDICT!!  Husband loves Eggs Benedict and I love beans, so this seemed like a win win for all involved.  Except for oooooone little detail.

So that “10 minutes” I hollered about?  Yea… took about 30.  Our house is a full circle on the main floor and poor Husband just kept taking laps. He’d round the corner and say something like “Boy, sure smells good” and then head back upstairs to do more painting.  5 minutes later, another lap. “Can’t wait to try that.” More painting. “Mmm, that’s making my tummy growl.”  Another lap.  Finally, at about lap 864 3, the creation was complete.  And worth the wait!!!  It was spicy, eggy, cheezy and yummy.  Plus, the eggs and beans pack a protein punch, while the tomatoes, cheese and bread add lycopene, fiber, potassium and calcium. {Total blogger fail alert: I took pics of every step of the cooking process, then got so excited when they were done that I scarfed them.  Without taking a pic. So you get this one, from The Blue Plate Diner. Mine totally looked like this.}

I found this recipe in an issue of American Profile a few years back. The issue was highlighting a restaurant in Salt Lake City called The Blue Plate Diner.  Wouldn’t you know that Big Sis lives in SLC, so naturally the next time I visited I put this little gem in my belly.  It was uh-mazing, and I have to say that my at-home version came pretty darn close.  I did make a few modifications to the original recipe, like leaving out the sour cream and onions (yuck!) and using canned beans instead of dry for time’s sake.  Plus, I used a can of diced tomatoes and green chilies instead of picante sauce.

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