The Fox and the Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Today marks not only a day of thanks, but several milestones for my family – and we haven’t even eaten turkey yet!

This morning Big Sis Amanda, Bro-in-Law Mike, Hubby Nate and I ran The Fox and The Turkey 4 Mile Run in Batavia, IL.

Aforementioned (yea, I just used a 14 letter word thus I’m awesome) milestones are this:

1.  Longest distance Big Sis has ever run (and she trained while being a stay-at-home momma to TWO kids under TWO!  Hero!)

2.  Longest distance Bro-in-Law has ever run (and he trained while….well, he didn’t train.  Gross, I know)

3.  First time I have ever run a race with my sister.  That only took nearly 30 years.  But who’s counting?

4.  First time I have ever run with Hubby where he didn’t either “black out”, “develop an injury”  or somehow get a “rock in his shoe”. I use quotes because I call bogus on all of them.

This morning was sort of a dream come true for me, and hopefully the start of a tradition.  I always see families and couples running races together and think “Will that EVER be me?” And this morning, it WAS!  Bro-in-Law and Hubby even held hands for a quarter mile or so…it was magical.  And not at all awkward.  Okay, maybe a little.

Not only was it a dream come true, but a wonderful way to kick off a day that is pretty much centered around stuffing your face with rich gravys, fatty meats, creamy desserts and in my case, Tofurkey (this will be my first Tofurkey, so stay tuned for reviews).  Plus, a little sweat in the morning makes extra room in those “eatin’ pants” you’re wearing.  The ones with the elastic waistband and pockets for leftovers? Don’t play coy with me – you know.  You know.

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone.  I’d love to say “make smart choices today” when it comes to what you eat, but AH FORGET IT! Enjoy, and I’ll see you at 7am tomorrow to work it off!

(From Left) Bro-in-Law, Big Sis, Me and Hubby Post Race

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