Family Over Fitness

Last week  I headed to Salt Lake to see Big Sis, Bro-in-Law, Booka and Lil Bean and I didn’t bring running shoes.  GASP! I challenged myself to fit in exercise throughout the day instead of organized workouts.

Yea, so…that was a lot harder than I anticipated. It didn’t help that Big Sis and I spent a total of 405 minutes sitting on our cabooses at the Sundance Film Festival.  Plus, we went to see Zac Brown Band (more sitting) and apparently were seated in the “ZBB Non-Fan Club” section because we were the only ones who stood up. Ever.

I was only in Salt Lake for 72 hours, and about 60 of those were taken up with movies, a concert, beating Bro-in-Law at Battleship, showering, driving, peeing, eating and kneeling on the bathroom floor of a courthouse cleaning up insane poop minutes before Lil Bean’s (said pooper) adoption became final.  That left about 4 hours each day for free time.

So what did I accomplish?  Not a whole lot.

Airport: Took the stairs instead of the elevator and skipped the “people mover”

Sundance, standing in line and watching films: Totally forgot to do anything, unless you count lifting my drink to my mouth.  In retrospect, could have done:

-lunges or wall sits while waiting in line for Filly Brown (LOVE. Watch for it at the theatre)

-butt clenches

ZBB Concert: Ran to the auditorium (more to avoid the rain than for exercise) and walked 3 flights of stairs to get to our seats.  In retrospect, could have done:

-calf raises while dancing to “Chicken Fried

kegles, as Big Sis cleverly pointed out

-squats, so it would “appear” to the ZBB Non-Fan Club that I was sitting.

At the house:This is where kids come in handy.  I successfully did a set of tricep presses, chest presses, skull crushers and even some ab work with 18 lbs of Lil Bean.  And who said kids aren’t useful?

Skull Crushers with Lil Bean

I was really conscious about what I ate all weekend because I knew my calorie burn was going to be less than usual.  I did eat some In N Out fries because I haven’t had any since we left LA.  And I had some “Go-Go’s” (Goldfish) and SunChips as quick grabs once or twice.  But overall, my meals were filled with protein and veggies and I even found a new love: Wisconsin Cauliflower soup from Zupas.  1 cup = 187 calories and 10g protein.  So perfect I had it twice!  Have you ever heard of Café Zupas?  Uh-mazing. Fresh sandwiches, homemade soups.  Yum.

Tricep Press AKA Flying Baby

At the end of the weekend I will admit I felt like a failure.  I hadn’t broken a sweat at all and definitely never got my heart rate up.  I felt guilty for not doing 50 pushups before bed or curling soup cans while I played with the kiddos.  I kept going over every missed opportunity.  Should I have brought my running shoes? I could have gotten up early and cranked out 3 miles before anyone woke up…Did I really need that handful of chips?  Could I have found a gym close by?

On the plane, a thought occurred to me.  When I get home to my quiet house with no little feet running the halls, no cooing, no tiny adorable voice saying “Meg” for the first time, what will I be thankful for? The 4 hours a day I was able to rock Lil Bean, read Booka stories or play zoo?  Or will I be thankful that I skipped those special moments and hit the pavement to shave off a few hundred calories?

WARNING: Excercise may make baby puke. Or it could be my haircut. Who knows.

Somewhere along the line in my journey, I have set a standard for myself that even I am unable to meet most days.  Especially as a new blogger, I feel like I have to be pushing harder, eating better, and getting fitter. But after this weekend I have decided to get rid of the guilt.  I exercise 4-5 days a week.  I am a vegetarian, eat tons of fruits and veggies and am always educating myself on food, vitamins and the body.  Yes, I snack. Yes, I might skip the gym because I’d rather have happy hour with a friend who needs me.  And yes, I may take an ENTIRE weekend off because family is the MOST important thing in my life.  Family is what started my whole journey to getting healthy.

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So I decided to make a promise with myself.  Every time I feel guilty, I will immediately turn that guilt into love and thanks.  “Thanks for reading that article about antioxidants.  I love the way you pray for others before bed. Thanks for swimming laps when you really wanted to watch Grey’s Anatomy.”  Instead of being so hard on myself, I am choosing to recognize the great things I do for my body, soul and mind. Because I bet you 9 times out of 10, I choose health over gluttony.  And hopefully that one time I choose a push-up pop over an actual push-up, those affirmations of love and thanks will fuel me to get back at it tomorrow – not my guilt.