The Doc on Diabetes.

Most of you know how diabetes has played a role in my life.  Earlier this week, a fellow blogger had the AMAZING opportunity to interview the oh-so-easy-on-the-eyes Dr. Travis Stork, and he spoke about Type 2 Diabetes being frustratingly (in my opinion) preventable, among a few other interesting topics including the beloved artificial sweetener. Check out the full interview on Peanut Butter Fingers.

I am off to visit Big Sis and the Laz family in Salt Lake – which means a weekend of cuddling those sweet babies, heading to the Sundance Film Festival and catchin’ Zac Brown Band!  It’s time to get my culture on!

I am trying something new on this trip – for the first time, I am NOT bringing my running shoes on vacation.  I want to set aside my “me time” for ultimate niece/nephew/sister time.  So I will attempt to stay active all weekend without going for a run or heading to the gym.  I’ll keep you posted on how creative I get (like say, a leg workout of pole vaulting using my 6’6″ Bro-in-Law as the pole or asking my sister to recant the story about a woman crashing into her bathroom stall at Chili’s –  laughing and snorting works the abs), or if this experiment is a total fail.  Suggestions are appreciated – have a great weekend!!

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3 thoughts on “The Doc on Diabetes.

  1. Last time your sister told me the story about the lady crashing through her bathroom stall, my abs got the best workout EVER! Love your blog lady!!

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